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TrapStik® for Biting Flies
The TrapStik® for Biting Flies catches flies that feed on blood, such as horse flies, stable flies, black flies and deer flies. It also catches common filth and nuisance flies.
The TrapStik® for Biting Flies uses new VisiLure® technology to lure insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Biting flies are attracted by the colors and patterns, then they get trapped on the sticky surface.
  • Odor-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Made in USA
  • Large catch surface for extended use
  • Adhesive holds up in hot weather
  • Flies blend in to the pattern once they're caught
  • Water-resistant
Lured by the colors and patterns, biting flies land on the sticky surface where they stay put and eventually expire.

Where and How To Use

Use TrapStik® for Biting Flies anywhere there’s a biting fly problem, such as patios, water features, barns, stables or dog runs.

What People Are Saying

Luv it!!!
Posted by Yorkanne Sylvester
 on 31st Aug 2016

I've used the Farnam biting fly trap before with miserable results in the barn area, so when I saw yours, I was a little skeptical.  They were reasonably priced, so why not?  I tried 2 in the barn and was amazed at how many large horseflies it captured.  I'm sold on your product!  No chemicals and it sucks em right in.

Loyal customer,

Yorkanne S.


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