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TrapStik® for Flies
The TrapStik® for Flies catches common house flies, cluster flies and fruit flies.
The TrapStik® for Flies uses new VisiLure® technology to lure flies with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Flies are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStik®, then get stuck to the adhesive surface.
  • Odor-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Made in USA
  • Large catch surface for extended use
  • Adhesive holds up in hot weather
  • Flies blend in to the pattern once they're caught
The flies land on the sticky surface and eventually expire.

Where and How To Use

Use TrapStik® for Flies anywhere around the house, or outdoors in a sheltered location protected from moisture. It’s best to hang it right where there’s a fly problem, such as around windows or in mud rooms and covered porches.

What People Are Saying

Unbelievably Effective!
Posted by Joe Mcgowan
 on 26th Jul 2016
The Visilure Trapstik for Flies is amazing. The one side of our house has always been a haven for bottle flies. They are buzzing all around and frequently sneaking into the house through the dog door. I was looking for a solution (on Amazon) when I stumbled upon the Trapstiks. I figured it couldn't hurt. It arrived and I quickly put it out back. It had 2 green bottle flies on it BEFORE I PUT IT DOWN!! 24 hours later, it was black with flies. Like corn on corn on the cob! Of course I ordered more! Brilliant product. The ONLY negative is that I cannot source them locally. I'm forced to use Amazon and pay shipping. However, they are so remarkably effective, that certainly won't stop me. But it would be nice to be able to buy a case from the manufacturer! (Hint, hint)
Ridiculously Effective
Posted by Jessica
 on 18th Jun 2015

We recently had a literal INFESTATION of flies in our laundry room. (Gross. Gross. Gross.) I'm talking flies by the tens, probably hundreds. We tried making homemade traps. We tried cleaning everything. We even used those fly sprays, even though it made me worry about my pets and little daughter. I started thinking about hiring a pest control service, but the prices they quoted were going to seriously damage our tight budget. Knowing my desperation, my mother saw these Rescue! fly trap sticks at the store and decided to get one. 


HOLY. COW. It was amazing how quickly it started working. We set one up in the laundry room that evening and by morning it was practically covered in flies. So we got more, hanging them in four rooms of the house. Today is the second day and I'm happy to say the laundry room (as well as the rest of the house) is completely fly-less! This trap has seriously saved my sanity!

The TrapStik works great. It
Posted by Gina H
 on 12th Aug 2014

The TrapStik works great. It traps yellowjackets too. I love it.

Horse owner
Posted by Bettie Till
 on 12th Aug 2014

These TrapStiks are awesome.  No smell.. very easy...just hang them and wait for them to fill up.  The best thing is that the TrapStik for Flies is also catching  dozens of yellow jackets.  I will surround my barn with these things!!

 OMG, This product is
Posted by Carolyn in Colorado
 on 8th Aug 2014

 OMG, This product is absolutely AWESOME!!  I was giving Fly Predators a try this summer but I am really not impressed at all.  I bought a couple of the TrapSticks at Murdoch's as I was curious about the "colors and patterns are proven to lure flies" claim.  TRUTH-after 1 day, the flystrip was almost FULL of flies.  This is no joke!  I went back & bought all 10 that were still on the shelf.  I have them placed on the ground & 1 in a higher position.  The ones on the ground by the stalls are a perfect place to catch those low to the ground.  The one hanging has been there since I bought the one that filled within a day, it has flies but it has nothing like the ones on the ground.   A couple of tips:  1) Do not try to pull white plastic cover off when the temp is hot, it is not easy & you will get sticky on your hands, BUT as true as this product is THE BEST, use petroleum jelly to get the sticky off.  2) Do NOT put it at horse tail level, even if it is right outside the stall.  My gelding got it stuck in his tail and I noticed it when he was out in the pasture.  I thought of leaving it since it was probably very useful there, but the Stik is VERY sticky & would have just gotten more tangled.  Try just 1.  You will be heading back to buy more!!  LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!   

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