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TrapStik® for Wasps
The TrapStik® for Wasps catches paper wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers.
The TrapStik® for Wasps uses new VisiLure® technology to lure these stinging insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Wasps are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStik®, then get stuck to the adhesive surface.
  • Catches queens and workers, from spring through fall
  • Can be placed near a nest to reduce populations, making it safer to spray
  • Odor-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Made in USA
Wasps are lured to the sticky surface; once stuck, they expire on their own.

Where and How To Use

Hang TrapStik® for Wasps under eaves to catch nesting paper wasps, mud daubers and carpenter bees.

What People Are Saying

We have had a time with the
Posted by Christine Lee
 on 8th Sep 2016

We have had a time with the paper wasps. They were in our travel trailer air conditioner, in the trees, in the zinnas and under the roof line. They were all around! I was putting on a baby shower for my daughter in the garden and wanted to stay away from insecticides. I came upon your website and read the reviews.  In turn, I bought one at Lowes. My son-in-law hung it up by the travel trailer and, low and behold, within an hour we had 5 wasps. Needless to say, we were not bothered by the flybys of the wasps as we found them "glued" to the trap. I wish I could attach a picture, because bottome line...it works! Next spring, we know what to do. Now I am trying your spider traps as we are battling black widows.

wonderful product
Posted by Anonymous
 on 20th Aug 2016

I bought one for my patio.  I couldn't sit out without flies, wasps and mosquitos bothering me.  I put it up on Monday afternoon and by Friday there was very little green showing. I caught mostly flies and wasps but it did manage to catch quite a few mosquitoes as well.  I hope this product is going to be available next year as well.  I have bought two more and I hope they keep well in the garage over the winter. Canada gets some cold weather !


Wasps and Other Flying Insects
Posted by Katherine
 on 7th Aug 2016

I recently moved into a new house that backs up to a lake.  I have been innundated with wasps, mud daubers and other flying insects.  I saw an ad for this product and immediately ordered two of them.  The very first day, just as the sun was going down, I counted nearly 40 wasps.  By the end of the second, I estimate there are nearly 75 or more!  For the first time, I can open  my sliding glass door and exit without having to try and bat wasps away from me and my open door!

P.S.  I ordered mine from Amazon in case you can't find them locally!

Great product, really works.
Posted by Matt L.
 on 18th Jul 2016

We've had wasps for years and simply avoided (i.e. dodged) them or used the spray killer if we found a nest.  I didn't hear about this product until early into summer so I missed the elite queen wasp trapping season.  I will say that this thing works.  I bought one just to try it and after a week of catching wasps daily, I went and bought a 6 pack off of Amazon.  There is a definite reduction in the amount of wasps we have now.  The trap is easy and there is no attractant (I don't want to attract wasps to my house, just kill the ones that are around).  It catches a lot of things (currently Japanese beetles that seem to be everywhere), but the wasps love it and once stuck, are soon dead.  I would say it will take roughly 4 traps to last the year (sadly, the "year" being in MN. is not too long).  I will definitely put one out in the spring next year to go for the queens and hopefully eradicate the wasps for the whole summer.  Great product, highly recommend!

Posted by Sunshine
 on 28th May 2016

Living on an acre with livestock and various animals in S. Louisiana, the flying insects can be horrendous!  I have tried dozens of fly/insect repelents and none of them worked.  This traps everything from black flies, deer flies, wasps and all other flying insects.  And, if a fly trap can be "pretty", this is decorative - I have them all over our patio, in the chicken coop, the stable and dog kennel and in the house and they don't look like nasty - even when they're full of pests.  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! 

Great Product
Posted by Judy Johnson
 on 27th Apr 2016

We live on a 27 acre farm in Delaware. Of course bees are everywhere and all types. With livestock and chickens, sprays are not an option. The fly sticky tapes  that you hang always fall down and most don't work. We found your product at ACE Hardware and decided to try it.

 This works!! All types of bees, insects etc... The carpenter bees were a problem, but not any more! I put the trap up and within 2 days 18 carpenter bees were on it!

Thank you for making this product. We went and bought 6 more today. I like that they don't smell, aren't messy and actually work. I recommend this product to all my farmer friends. Thank you.

Holy Smokes, A Product that Works!!!
Posted by Of Victoria, BC
 on 31st Mar 2016

I just purchased this product and it was effective immediately. I had always let nature be and tried not to interfere, but there are way too many wasps now. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a problem with wasps. So far, no other insect have been compromised!! I will purchase another. Alot of people have said they cannot find them on the shelves due to their popularity. Rescue is right. Keep making this fabulous product.

Jr. Warden
Posted by Sherri
 on 20th Nov 2015
I purchased one for my home earlier in the summer & am amazed @ how many wasps it captured. We have an old church & the wasps build nests in the belfry all summer. When the temperature begins to drop, they find their way inside. I can't find the product this late in the season. HELP where can I get some now? Wasps dive bombing during service is most disruptive.
Posted by Mississippi Michael
 on 5th Aug 2015
I live in rural Mississippi and picked one up on a whim at Wal-Mart. Most products like this that I've tried, have not worked. I thought I would try it simply because the amount of red wasps, yellow jackets, sweat bees and other worrisome insects, were at a epidemic level around my old county house. I hung it one morning and that evening almost 35 wasps and various flying insects were attached! I'm a believer!! My only problem is finding a store that stocks them, now that it's late summer.
Mud Dobber Stopper
Posted by mike
 on 30th Jul 2015

I tried this Trapstik for the first time and could not believe what happened.  We have tons of Mud daubers and yellow jackets so I hung out 3 traps and to my suprise they were full in about 3 days....I mean FULL.  There were probably about 200 on each trap.  So far I have purchased about 12 traps and they are full when I take them down but we don't have anymore Mud Daubers building nests in our garage or my shop!!!!.  These traps are GREAT!!!  I used the Gold Stick traps before but these traps are much better and the rain dosen't seem to bother them.  Please keep making these traps.

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