Anopheles Mosquitoes
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Anopheles Mosquitoes

Commonly known as malaria mosquitoes or marsh mosquitoes, the Anopheles genus of mosquitoes is most notorious for transmitting malaria. Over 400 mosquito species are classified in the Anopheles genus, yet only 30-40 are known as vectors of malaria in humans.

Geographic Region

Common malaria mosquitoes (An. quadrimaculatus) are found in the eastern and central U.S. and An. freeborni live in the western U.S. Various species of Anopheles mosquitoes are found on every continent aside from Antarctica.

Natural Habitat

Although malaria is nowadays limited to tropical areas, most notoriously the regions of sub-Saharan Africa, many Anopheles species live in colder climates.


It is the female Anopheles mosquito that bites and transmits the malaria parasite to humans. Depending on temperature, humidity and an available source of blood, adult female mosquitoes live 1-2 weeks.

Unique Characteristics

Anopheles mosquitoes are easily recognized by their slanted or tipped stance when resting or biting.