How to yellowjacket-proof your outdoor event

You've carefully crafted your charcuterie board, the lavender-infused lemonade is chilled in a glass dispenser, and the salmon canapes are plated and passed by the servers. But just as your guest reaches for one of these mouth-watering eats, a yellowjacket swoops in to crash the party and imparts a painful sting. Pinterest never prepared you for these pests!

Yellowjackets are attracted to sweet liquids later in summer.Whether it's a barbecue, picnic, backyard gathering, food truck festival or an outdoor wedding reception, party planners should consider their insect control strategy as carefully as the menu.

Yellowjackets are the insects that pose the biggest threat to any outdoor gathering with food and beverages. From mid-July on, yellowjacket workers are sent out from the nest in search of protein and carbohydrates. They can travel up to 1,000 feet away to find sustenance -- that's a distance of three football fields!


Here's a checklist for keeping your guests safe and yellowjacket-proofing your next outdoor event:

For best results, hang RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps around the venue several days before your outdoor event. 4-7 days out:

Set Reusable Yellowjacket Traps and/or Disposable Yellowjacket Traps  up around the perimeter of the venue in advance of the event. Hang them at least 20 feet away from the area where the food will be served or guests will be gathered.

If you find a yellowjacket or hornet nest near the venue: Call a professional to remove it.

Prepare a sting relief kit for use in case a guest is stung by a yellowjacket:

  • Sting relief wipes to clean the wound area
  • Small zipper-lock bags to hold ice and apply it to the sting site
  • Topical antihistamine such as Benadryl
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin) for pain relief
  • Make sure guests who are allergic have Epi-pens at the ready, just in case.

The morning of the event:

One hour before guests arrive, set up Yellowjacket DecoShields around the food and beverages to keep yellowjackets away. Dump out the insects caught in the Reusable Yellowjacket Traps and replace with fresh attractant.

Fill new Disposable Yellowjacket Traps with water and hang them at least 20 feet away from the activity area.

One hour before guests arrive:

Set up Yellowjacket Repellent DecoShields around the tables where food and beverages will be served, and in the middle of each table where guests sit to eat. (Bonus: These repellent devices have a decorative appearance and use pleasant-smelling, all-natural essential oils!)

As the event starts:

To protect guests at your next event, set out a basket full of Yellowjacket Repellent GoClips.Have a basket of Yellowjacket Repellent GoClips for guests to take and wear -- consider them as party favors!

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