GoClip: A Panacea in Panama

Our GoClip® Personal Mosquito Repellent is clip-anywhere, go-everywhere protection from mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks. 

GoClip® is infused with all-natural essential oils that protect your personal space from these insects with a "spatial" effect that deters them from landing on you.

For Monika, GoClip® proved to be a godsend during a recent trip to Panama, where she hiked in the rainforest and encountered all sorts of bugs -- some fun, and some frightening.

Says Monika: "Thank goodness for my GoClip® or I'd be eaten alive these past few days! GoClip® is amazing in the rainforests of Panama - it kept up in the humidity- kept the bad bugs away but I was still able to play with the fun bugs like Leaf bugs and huge beetles. It lasted longer than it said it would and wasn't overpowering like all the bug sprays everyone else was wearing. I will be bringing GoClips on every trip I take in the future!"

Whether you've used the GoClip® on a recent adventure like Monika, or close to home, we'd love to have you write a review