How It Works

Ant colonies need both sugar and protein to thrive.  We created our own dual-bait formula that includes a separate protein and carbohydrate -- in a gel that's easy to spread to other ants in the colony. Simply open and place where you see ants, and they will find it no matter which food they seek - protein or sugar. Sugar is fed to the other workers, while protein is fed to the larvae for a more complete ant kill.

Pet Safety

Though toxic to ants, the amount of Borax in our Ant Baits is not toxic to animals. However, bait stations should be placed in an area where pets will not be able to access them.

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Unique Features & Benefits

  • Mess-Free/Won't Spill
  • Child-Resistant
  • Visible Results Overnight
  • Reduce Ants In Your Home Within Days
  • Bait and Kill More Ants in the Colony

What It Kills

RESCUE!  Ant Baits kill most common household ants.

Where To Place It

The RESCUE!  Ant Bait  can be placed indoors wherever ant activity is seen. It can take ant several hours to find the bait station. Leave the bait station where it is and the ants will find it.

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