How It Works

The RESCUE! Spider Trap is ready right out of the box -- just place it where spiders are typically found indoors. With four entrances and hundreds of glue dots, spiders will travel to the interior of the trap instead of merely congregating on the edges. This design allows many more spiders to be caught. And with two sides of glue, a quick flip of the trap keeps you in the spider-catching business.

Pet Safety

Our Spider Traps have a glue dot pattern which allows more spiders to be caught before it is time to replace it. The decorative plastic shield protects animals from having easy access to the glue dots. However, if you or an animal happen to come in contact with the glue, gently pull the trap away and the adhesive will release. Use petroleum jelly, baby oil, mineral oil, or another petroleum-based product to remove any adhesive residue.

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Unique Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive glue dot pattern allows more spiders to be caught
  • Two sides of glue for double the use
  • Decorative plastic shell
  • Attractive, yet inconspicuous
  • Thin shape allows placement in narrow spaces
  • Sturdy plastic shell withstands crushing or bending
  • Ready to use; nothing to assemble

What It Catches

The RESCUE! Spider Trap catches a variety of biting and poisonous spiders common in the home, including: black widow spidershobo spidersbrown recluse spiders, sac spiders, hobo spiders, jumping spiders and wolf spiders.

Where To Place It

Traps should be placed where spiders are normally found indoors.

Good locations for the trap:

  • Against wall or baseboard
  • Under toe kicks
  • Around doorways
  • Behind toilets
  • Behind or underneath furniture
  • Basements or crawl spaces

The RESCUE! Spider Trap can be used any time of year when spiders are present in the home.

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