It's not easy being green.

But it's worth it.

RESCUE! products are recognized around the world for providing effective, reliable and natural insect control solutions. The RESCUE! approach uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients and modes of action, eliminating the need to “bomb” an entire area with chemicals in hopes of killing a few bugs.

We respect our role as stewards of the environment. Each product – whether it’s a trap, an attractant, repellent or spray – is scientifically formulated to work on the targeted insect while being safe around people and pets, and minimizing the impact on the ecosystem.

The RESCUE! POP! Fly Trap is ideal for use near a horse barn


Rescue Ant Bait is safe to use around your family

Responsible… and effective.

It’s important to be both.

In addition to being good for the environment, RESCUE! products are good for consumers who need an effective means of mitigating a pest problem. Years of research, field-testing and enhancement by our team of scientists go into every product to ensure that it consistently works on the targeted insect in different geographic locations and varied weather conditions.

Whether it’s a product that lures, traps, or repels the pest insect, there are no toxic chemicals, no poisons... just safe, effective pest control when you need it.