How It Works

This is not your average sticky fly trap. FlyPad’s unique corrugated texture features glue-filled grooves to catch flies, while the ridged surface stays clean to the touch during setup and disposal. When it comes to trapping flies, RESCUE! leaves nothing to chance—that’s why FlyPad employs our exclusive Visilure Technology to lure flies with colors and patterns.  

Pet Safety

FlyPad does not use poisons or killing agents to kill insects. Instead, it relies on a highly effective visual lure to attract the insect to the glue surface. If you or an animal come in contact with the glue, gently pull FlyPad away and the adhesive will release. Use petroleum jelly, baby oil, mineral oil, or another petroleum-based product to remove any adhesive residue.


Unique Features & Benefits

  • TouchSafe Ridges keep glue away from fingers
  • Clean, simple setup – adhesive strips included
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Odor-free
  • Made in the USA

What It Catches

FlyPad catches common species of flies, including house flies, bottle flies, cluster flies, fruit flies, and gnats.

Where To Hang It

FlyPad goes where no sticky trap has gone before! Thanks to its slim design, FlyPad can be placed in a wide variety of locations, indoors and out. For best results, place FlyPad in close proximity to your fly problem.

Good locations for FlyPad include:

  • Windows
  • Near Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks
  • Mud Rooms
  • Covered Porches, Patios, and Gazebos
  • Inside garages
  • Garbage Cans
  • Near a Barbeque or Outdoor Cooking Area

Avoid where children or pets may come in contact with the adhesive.

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