What it Catches

Roughly a dozen species of yellowjackets throughout North America are known to bite and sting people. The RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap is designed to lure them all.

How It Works

The RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap has a unique trap design that prevents yellowjackets from escaping. Yellowjackets fly in through holes in the bottom of the trap, then continue upward through the interior cone and become trapped within the outer cylinder. The yellowjackets eventually die of dehydration. Our trap's durable construction holds up in sunlight for many seasons of use, and its clear plastic walls allow you to see the yellowjacket "body count" so you can empty the trap when full.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Catches multiple species of yellowjackets
  • Attractant lasts for weeks without daily maintenance
  • Attractant refills available, including the RESCUE! 10-week Attractant Cartridge for even longer lasting performance
  • Won't trap beneficial honeybees
  • Double-chambered design prevents yellowjackets from escaping
  • Durable plastic holds up in sunlight for seasons of use
  • Used and recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture as well as major U.S. zoos, parks, campgrounds, resorts and school districts
  • Clear plastic tube allows you to see the yellowjacket "body count"

What Kills the Insects?

Once inside, the trap's unique design prevents yellowjackets flying away or escaping. The insects eventually die of dehydration.

Where & How to Use

Where it's used

When possible, the RESCUE! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap should be hung in a natural setting like a tree, or around the perimeter of an area where the insects have been observed entering. Hang the traps at least 20 feet away from outdoor activity areas like your patio, deck, campsite or picnic area - and at least 20 feet away from any known yellowjacket nests.

When it's used

Use the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap in the spring when queen yellowjackets emerge from hibernation, and in the summer and fall when worker yellowjackets are foraging for food.

Where to buy the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap

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