How It Works

The Indoor Fly TrapStik uses our exclusive VisiLure® technology to lure flies with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Flies are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStik, then get trapped on the adhesive surface.

Pet Safety

Our TrapStiks do not use poisons or killing agents to kill insects.  Instead, they rely on a highly effective visual lure (the pixelated pattern on the cardboard surface overlaid with glue) to attract the insect to the glue surface.

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Unique Features & Benefits

  • Odor-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Made in USA
  • Large catch surface for extended use
  • Adhesive holds up in hot weather
  • Flies blend into the pattern once they're caught

What It Catches

The Indoor Fly TrapStik catches common species of flies such as house flies, cluster flies, fruit flies and gnats.

Where To Hang It

Use the Indoor Fly TrapStik for flies indoors, anywhere around your home or garage. It is best to hang the TrapStik right where the fly problem is.

Good locations for the Indoor Fly TrapStik:

  • Near Windows
  • Near Sinks
  • Mud Rooms
  • Covered Porches
  • Inside garages

Avoid where children or pets may come in contact with the adhesive.

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