The Three Ds of Mosquito Control

If you spend any time outdoors, you know mosquito season is here... but now it's official.

The American Mosquito Control Association has declared June 23-29 as Mosquito Control Awareness Week,  with the goal to educate the public on the best ways to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

The fatality rate from mosquitoes is estimated at over 700,000 people per year -- making this tiny insect more dangerous than sharks, wolves or snakes.

The best way to protect yourself from mosquitoes is to remember the three Ds:

Empty out anything in your yard that collects water where mosquitoes can breed.1. DRAIN: Empty out anything in your yard that collects water where mosquitoes can breed.


  • Deny mosquitoes a place to breed by draining stagnant ponds and ditches.
  • Keep water out of natural and artificial containers like bird baths, buckets, abandoned tires or other debris where it can accumulate.
  • For ponds or water features, consider adding mosquito dunks (a round disk that contains a bacteria toxic to mosquito larvae) or a type of fish called a mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), which will eat mosquito larvae in the water.
Ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes with clothing.2. DRESS: Your wardrobe matters if you want to fight the bite.


  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing -- preferably, long-sleeved shirts and long pants. (Tighter-fitting garments make it easier for mosquitoes to find your skin.)
  • Permethrin-treated clothing can offer extra protection. This clothing has a "topical" effect that will kill or incapacitate mosquitoes that land on you. This clothing, combined with an effective "spatial" repellent (see #3), is the best combination for if you want the ultimate mosquito protection for your body. 
  • For yet another barrier, sleep under a mosquito net if you are bedding down outdoors.
Repel mosquitoes with GoClip from RESCUE!.3. DEFEND: A good mosquito repellent is a must whenever going outdoors.


  • When you're on the go, use a long-lasting insect repellent like the  Mosquito Repellent GoClip®. GoClip® is a "spatial" repellent, which reduces contact by creating an invisible barrier that inhibits the mosquito's ability to locate and land on a target. 
  • When entertaining in the backyard or sitting at your campground, protect yourself and your guests within a 300-square-foot area by using a spatial repellent like the Mosquito Repellent DecoShield® Lantern

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