Tips to avoid mosquito bites this summer

Tips to avoid mosquito bites this summer

Mosquito season is here... are you prepared?

In areas where mosquitoes are prevalent, take the following steps:

Wear loose-fitting clothing with long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Tighter-fitting garments make it easier for mosquitoes to find your skin.

Sleep under a mosquito net if you are outside.

Make sure screens on windows and doors are secure to keep mosquitoes outside.

Deny mosquitoes a place to breed by draining stagnant ponds and ditches, and by keeping water out of natural and artificial containers like bird baths, buckets, abandoned tires or other debris in which water accumulates.

  • For ponds or water features, consider adding mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), which eat mosquito larvae in the water.
  • When on-the-go, use an all-natural insect repellent like the GoClip™ from RESCUE!. 
  • When entertaining in the backyard, protect yourself and your guests within a 300-square-foot area by using a spatial repellent like DecoShield™ from RESCUE!. 


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