8 ways we go green every day

The saying goes that on St. Patrick's Day, we're all Irish.

We also wear green in honor of Ireland's nickname, The Emerald Isle.

But as a company, RESCUE! is green through and through. It's not a bandwagon we've jumped on, either.  We have walked out a commitment to environmental responsibility for over 36 years, since our founding in 1982.

Here are 8 ways RESCUE! 'goes green' every single day:


1. We were green when it wasn't easy.

When our company started in 1982, nobody saw a fortune to be made in “green” products. The big players in the pest control industry knew that the profit was in large bottles of pesticides as an easy fix for problem insects. But we persisted in our vision because we knew eventually consumers would catch on... and because it was the right thing to do.

2. We stay on target.

We know that beneficial insects are vital to the balance of nature and pollination of flowers and food. That’s why our products are scientifically designed and formulated to work on the target pest only, with no unintended victims.

3. We avoid toxic chemicals.

Many of our insect traps use either pheromone or feeding scents to lure the insects. Others, like our TrapStik® products, use visual cues. Insects are not killed by chemicals or poisons when you use these products; rather, they drown or dehydrate depending on the type of trap.

4. We stick to the essentials.

Some clip-on insect repellent devices actually spray out a neurotoxin called metofluthrin that is thought to potentially be more toxic than DEET.  RESCUE! repellents use all-natural essential oils that are safe around people and pets.

5. We're made in the USA.

Products manufactured in the USA avoid the extra fuel expense of shipping foreign-made goods halfway around the globe. Overseas factories also have weaker environmental standards. When you purchase American-made products like ours, you're showing support for policies that protect not only American workers, but also our natural resources.

6. We source materials close to home. 

All of our raw materials suppliers are also USA-based companies, and a number of them are headquartered within a few miles of our manufacturing facility – once again avoiding the extra expense of shipping over long distances.

Woman hanging RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap in front yard7. We minimize packaging.

When it comes to our Disposable Fly Trap, Disposable Yellowjacket Trap, Big Bag Fly Trap, Japanese Beetle Trap, Reusable Fly Trap and POP! Fly Trap, the package is also the product, so there's less material entering our landfills.

8. We offer products that encourage repeat use.

Our reusable traps are constructed from durable plastic that will hold up for multiple seasons and is recyclable once you're finished using it.

Remember these things when you're shopping for insect control products! Buy green... buy RESCUE!.