Last-minute costume ideas to the rescue!

Not sure what to be for Halloween? We're coming to your rescue with some quick (and "punny") RESCUE!-related costume ideas!

Japanese Beetle

Take a plain white t-shirt and use red fabric paint to create a large red dot on the front of it.  Put black pants and a blazer on over the t-shirt. Wear a dark mop-top or psychedelic shag wig and glasses, and carry a guitar or a microphone. You’re a Japanese “Beatle”… get it?


Wear an all black outfit, get a yellow windbreaker or raincoat from a thrift shop and buy some bug antennae at a costume store. (Variation: Add a tiara to be a “queen yellowjacket”)

House Fly

Wear a black hoodie, black pants and black shoes. Take a pair of large, cheap sunglasses and glue some "googly" craft eyes to each lens (keeping enough of the lens open so you can see out of them). Wear bug antennae from a costume store or twist some long black pipe cleaner around the sunglasses to look like antennae.

Fruit Fly

Wear a brown hoodie and pants, put on a pair of red sunglasses, and carry an apple or banana.

RESCUE! TrapStik for FliesRESCUE! TrapStik® for Flies

Wear a blue shirt and jeans. Get some duct tape in white, green and yellow. Cut short pieces 4-6 inches in length and stick them at random over your clothing. Get some large plastic houseflies at the dollar store and use double-sided tape to stick them to the duct tape pieces.

Carpenter Bee

Dress up in a yellow shirt & overalls (black overalls—even better), hot glue pipe cleaner "antennae" onto a hard hat and carry a 2x4 and a hammer.

Stink Bug

Take two large pieces of cardboard and cut them out in a shield shape. Create a “sandwich board” out of the two by using duct tape or zip ties to connect them. Wear brown clothing underneath. Bonus points for carrying a can of air freshener.

Killer Bee

Wear a black t-shirt or turtleneck, and black pants or jeans. Draw a large letter B on a sheet of yellow or white poster board and attach it to your shirt, or form a “B” out of yellow or white duct tape stuck to your shirt. Splash some red fabric paint on the B. Hold a toy knife, gun or axe and look angry.

Have fun, and Happy Halloween!

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