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House Flies

House flies are the most common species of fly in the order Diptera (two wings). They regurgitate and excrete whenever they land, potentially transmitting disease.

Geographic Region

House flies are found throughout North America and the world.

Natural Habitat

House flies breed and multiply around any type of waste product -- dumps, sewers, garbage heaps. They are attracted to moist organic material around homes and farms.

Weather Conditions

House flies breed and thrive in warm temperatures. When temperatures are in the high 90s (Fahrenheit), their eggs can hatch in hours; in temps closer to 60, they can take two days. Colder temperatures kill them off, unless they take refuge indoors.


House flies breed mostly outdoors in garbage, animal feces, and decaying organic materials.

Unique Characteristics

House flies are medium-sized, gray, with red eyes and four stripes on the thorax.