Yellowjackets: DOs and DON'Ts

Now is the time of year that Yellowjackets are most aggressive. Taking precautions at this time can help you avoid being stung.


  • Look before you sip your drink. Yellowjackets are attracted to sweet foods and drinks like soda and juices.
  • Cover trash containers and keep them away from eating areas. Yellowjackets forage in garbage for food scraps and drink containers.
  • Use a Yellowjacket Repellent GoClip® whenever you go outside, and especially when eating or drinking outdoors.
  • Wear heavy clothing when walking in wooded areas. Yellowjackets can sting through lightweight fabrics.
  • Use our Yellowjacket Trap at least 20 feet away from your outdoor activity areas.
  • Try to remain calm in the presence of yellowjackets. Move slowly and deliberately and gently brush the yellowjacket away if it lands on you.
  • Call a professional pest control operator to remove a yellowjacket nest. This is a dangerous task for an amateur.



  • Swat at yellowjackets. They are more likely to attack and sting when aggravated.
  • Smash a yellowjacket. When crushed, they give off an alarm pheromone that can cause others in the area to attack.
  • Wear perfume, scented hairspray or lotion, or brightly colored clothes if you are going outdoors. Yellowjackets are attracted to these things.
  • Let children play in overgrown or wooded areas. These are prime nesting sites for yellowjackets.
  • Use gasoline to eliminate yellowjackets. Gasoline should never be poured into underground nest holes.