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Model #: GC-WHY

What It Repels

Clip anywhere, go everywhere for convenient protection from yellowjackets, hornets, wasps and bees!

The Yellowjacket Repellent GoClip™ repels multiple species of yellowjackets as well as paper wasps, hornets and bees.

How It Works

The Yellowjacket Repellent GoClip™ is infused with all-natural essential oils that protect your personal space from yellowjackets, hornets, wasps and bees with a “spatial” effect that deters them from landing on you.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • All-natural
  • Pleasant scent
  • DEET-free and kid-safe
  • Nothing to spray or apply to skin
  • Safe to use around food
  • Offers up to two weeks of protection
  • Resealable pouch allows clip to be used multiple times

Where It's Used

GoClip™ is designed to be worn outdoors, on the go... it attaches to clothing, hats, backpacks, lanyards, strollers, even pet collars!

When it's Used

Use the Yellowjacket Repellent GoClip™ whenever your outdoor activities put you in proximity to yellowjackets, hornets, wasps or bees.



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