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Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap

This trap catches the Japanese beetle, a destructive garden pest that infests and destroys over 300 varieties of ornamental plants. Also catches the Oriental beetle, which feeds on roots of turfgrass, nursery stock, greenhouse ornamental crops and fruit.

The trap uses floral scents proven to be a natural attractant, along with the beetle's natural sex attractant. The trap uses a scientifically designed method to control the release of these natural floral and sex attractants to lure both male and female beetles to the trap. The convenient plastic cone design prevents the user from having to handle the actual attractants.

  • Central attractant placement disperses pheromone in all directions

  • New zippered bottom allows trap to be emptied and reused

  • Catch capacity is four times larger than the competition

  • Double-layer nylon bag is highly durable

  • An all-in-one trap, with no accessories to buy

  • Bright green panels and the bag are welded together to ensure the bag stays attached

Once attracted by the pheromone scent, Japanese beetles fly into the large yellow panels of the trap and are stunned on impact. They then fall into the attached bag. Once inside, they cannot fly out of the trap.

Where and How To Use

The trap should be placed at least 30 feet from ornamental plants, to lure beetles away from the area where they are creating damage. Hang the trap by its twist-tie hanger from a post or stake, such as the RESCUE!® Rod four feet above the ground, away from the desired foliage. During heavy rain or wind, the trap should be removed to a protected location.

Infestation of the adult Japanese beetles occurs mid-June in the southern part of the United States, and around July 4 in the Northeastern and Upper Midwestern part of the U.S.

What People Are Saying

I'll tell you one thing I had
Posted by Anonyjay btammermous
 on 8th Jul 2016
I'll tell you one thing.  I had Beatles flying in the garage when I put it together and when I walked outside you can see them swarming around the ground as I was walking with the bag through the yard.   I put the thing up and there had to be a hundred of them flying around and under there within minutes.  I bought two.  I'm going to get 2 more to put around a 1-acre property.  I wish I could be put on a mailing list to be delivered them every year.  I bought mine from Krazy feed North Kingsville Ohio.  It is the best beatle bag I ever bought.
I am so happy we found your
Posted by AnonymousChristine Burrows
 on 5th Aug 2015

I am so happy we found your product at our local hardware store.  We were also getting swarmed by the beetles while setting up the trap and after 2 days we had to empty the trap.  I only wish we would have found your product sooner....our gardens really took a hard hit.  Now we need to find your fruit fly traps !

Posted by Hockipop
 on 25th Jul 2014
I can't believe how well this works. We set these traps out 24 hours ago and the beetles are swarming all around the traps. We are literally watching beetles falling into the bag. Love the zip open bottom, to empty! Better quality than other bags bought last year. Well worth the money.
Got one of these traps last
Posted by diane
 on 3rd Jul 2013

Got one of these traps last week and put it near our blackberry plants which the rose chafers were destroying.  It worked much better than the other brand that we had.  Went to the local home store yesterday and bought ten more (all they had) and put them out in our orchard this morning.  Unbelievable the way the rose chafers have swarmed to them.  I know they are for Japanese Beetles, but after researching, found they work for rose chafers, and boy do they ever work.  Can't say enough about this product.  Will be looking for more.

Posted by Angel
 on 29th Jun 2013

I saw some Japanese beetles in my garden so I got out my traps. I didn't even open the bag and these other beetles started flying around me. I should say SWARMING around me. I hung it up and they looked like they were coming out of the ground in the grass. They are oriental beetles which I didn't even know I had until the trap was brought out. Going out today to get a 3rd one to protect my fruit trees.

Amazing product!
Posted by Judith
 on 24th Jun 2013

I was was shocked at how fast this product worked!I had not even got it hung up when the bugs were all aournd me! In two days it was 1/3 full! I highly recommend this product and plan to buy more and check into you other products, too! 

Beat the competition hands down
Posted by Rae
 on 10th Sep 2012

Our mild winter in NH meant that lots of bugs and their larvae survived when normally they wouldn't.  This included the scourge of the Oriental beetle as well as 2 months of Japanese beetles.

In the past I had limited success with the other "standard" beetle bagging system (to the point that I quit using it).  Out of desperation I decided to give RESCUE! a try. 

Not only did I try it, but I did a side by side "shoot out" of the two products adjacent to my vegetable garden.  It captured at least 10 times more Japanese beetles than the competition, plus I received the benefit of the Oriental beetle capture which saved my viburnum blossoms; they are typically decimated each year.

I own chickens, and the ability to open the zip pouch and give them the beetles as a tasty treat when temps dropped in the evening (and the beetles are less active) was an extra bonus.

I have shared the discovery of your product with my Facebook gardening group and am absolutely delighted with your product.

If I had to make any suggestion at all, it would be to provide some sort of weep holes for rainwater to drip out.  Otherwise, you have one enormously satisfied customer here.

Consider my garden "RESCUED!" :)

Recommended by the Paul
Posted by PegC
 on 6th Jul 2012

Recommended by the Paul Parent Garden Club, these are definitely worth their weight in gold!

I spent years spraying and using regular Japanese beetle traps, but was those did nothing to rid me of the voracious eating Oriental beetles.

I have found my plants and flowers healthier and more productive.

I would like more retailers carry this product for availbility.  The company might consider making a bait only product.  With heavy rains lately, I may have lost some of the potency of the lure, but the bag is still in great shape.

We love it's Made in USA.

Thank you so much for a product that really works.


I used two of your traps for
Posted by Sue
 on 5th Jul 2012

I used two of your traps for the first time two years ago, when my flowerbeds were attacked by Oriental Beetles for the first time. They collected beetles at an amazing rate for the rest of the season. I was very pleased with how well they worked. At the end of the summer, I took them down, emptied them, and sealed each in a ziplock bag. Last summer, there were so few beetles that I never hung the traps. This summer, I started seeing Japanese beetles on my roses. Still no oriental Beetles (or so I thought). I took the traps out, still sealed in their ziplock bags, and went to get the stakes. By the time I returned, there was a swarm of both Japanese and Oriental Beetles around the sealed bags with 2 year old bait! The bags are now hung again, and 2 more have joined them. My only possible complaint is that the bags are so durable that I would like to save them for another year and replace the bait, but Lowe's doesn't sell your bait (just the competition's bait). Do you sell the bait separately, or will it necessary to replace the traps in order to get fresh bait next year?

Japanese Beetles
Posted by Gilford Thompson
 on 26th Jun 2012

These bags work great!!!!!!!! Have empty mine every two days . I would guess I've trapped a good 20-30 pounds. This year with little lost to them My garden is produceing well and my trees still have there leaves. North Alabama

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