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OrnamenTrap® Yellowjacket Trap
OrnamenTrap® Yellowjacket Trap catches all major species of yellowjackets - and looks good while doing its job!
OrnamenTrap® offers the same great performance as our Disposable Yellowjacket Trap, with a decorative element to beautify the outdoor landscape. Just add water and the attractant packet will dissolve and start luring yellowjackets to the trap.
  • Catches queen yellowjackets in spring, and workers from summer through fall
  • Won't attract beneficial honeybees
  • No killing agents - insects drown
  • Metallic plastic cover has the look of copper
  • Traps come complete with Yellowjacket Insert
  • Decorative covers are reusable with replacement inserts
  • Made in USA
  • Non-toxic mode of action
Once inside the trap, yellowjackets drown in the water.
Ask them to carry it! Download this flyer and take it to the garden manager.

Where and How To Use

OrnamenTrap® for yellowjackets should hang 20 feet from human activity and 20 feet from any known yellowjacket nests.
Use in spring to catch the queens, and during summer and fall to catch foraging worker yellowjackets.

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