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Reusable Stink Bug Trap (outdoor use)

Invasive stink bugs that eat gardens in spring and summer and invade homes in fall and winter.

Used outdoors from April 1 through early fall, the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap lures these pest insects within a 30-foot radius using multiple pheromone attractants. The stink bugs crawl or fly to the trap, walk up the green ‘fins’ and through the cone, and get trapped inside the clear chamber where they dehydrate.
  • Traps both males and females, and all stages of the stink bug life cycle from nymph to adult

  • Reduces damage to gardens and fruit trees
  • Intercepts adult stink bugs before they enter homes

  • Non-toxic mode of action

  • Pheromone attractants are odor-free to humans

  • 4-week outdoor attractant supply included with trap

  • 9-week outdoor attractant refills sold separately

  • Stink bugs dehydrate for easy disposal

The stink bugs dehydrate inside the trap.

Where and How To Use

Click here for the "Dos and Don'ts" of placing the trap in spring, summer and fall.

The time of year and the stage of the stink bug life cycle will dictate the optimal placement of the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap outdoors. We recommend starting to use the trap on the first of April to catch adult stink bugs when they emerge from houses to start mating. In spring and early summer, the best place to hang the Stink Bug Trap is on the trunk of a deciduous tree. After mating, adult female stink bugs seek out leafy trees on which to lay their eggs. Other foliage and shrubs can be used if a tree trunk is not available. It is important that the clear tube be exposed to sunlight, while the green "fins" are touching foliage or secured to a tree trunk, post or stake. The extra twist ties can be used to secure the trap fins at the bottom. This creates a pathway for the juvenile stink bugs, which cannot fly, to crawl onto the trap.

In mid- to late summer, stink bugs target fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants, so place the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap where you want to protect these plants. Placing the trap at the edge of a garden will draw out the stink bugs or intercept them before they enter. Again, it is important for the green fins to be touching a tree trunk or foliage to allow the juvenile stink bugs to crawl into the trap. 

In fall, to intercept stink bugs before they move toward homes, the trap should hang from a tree branch, stake or pole at eye level and 15-20 feet from the house. If the trap is placed in a tree or shrub, it is best to keep it clear from foliage for proper scent dispersal.

The optimum outdoor stink bug catch period occurs from April through October.

What People Are Saying

Posted by Cleo's Mom
 on 19th Sep 2015

After suffering with these critters all over my house for several years, I bought the Rescue trap and hung it outside after Labor Day when I saw them preparing to come inside for the winter.  After a few days, I saw a few inside and outside the trap. Yesterday, I noticed that they are all over the trap and the fins, and the inside is filling up.  How great it is when a product works the way it's supposed to!  Thanks so much!!

I was very pleased to uncover
Posted by Ericka
 on 20th Oct 2013
I was very pleased to uncover this page. I want to to thank you for your time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every part of it and I have you book-marked to see new things in your web site.
The trap works
Posted by Anonymous
 on 11th Sep 2013

I have put the trap on a fence about 30 feet from my house. I can't believe how many bugs are going into the trap, and not in my home. It does work so try it.

Greatest thing ever
Posted by Anonymous
 on 17th Apr 2013
My attic is filled with hundreds of stink bugs dead and alive, can't sleep in my room because at 5 times a day I would vacuum up 20 at a time that were alive. Last week we bought 2 traps with the lights. It took a few days but both traps are starting to fill up, we put one in our room and the other in the attic. If you are unsure about placing them in your home because of pets, well don't be they are pet friendly. Thanks you for whom ever invented this trap.
Posted by Anonymous
 on 25th Sep 2011

I have had my trap in the back garden of my house since early August, and thanks to the late heat of September, there have to be at least 30 bugs captured inside the trap.  I highly reccomend this for anyone and everyone who has a problem with stinkbugs.

Very Happy in MD.
Posted by Anonymous
 on 17th Sep 2011

When I first saw the babies in early August crawling on my house, my husband went out and bought our first SB trap. We put it on our fence closest to the house were we saw the most babies. It took a few days...but boy it really started getting them. So we bought another! When we changed the the first one with the refill within 2 hrs we had another 50 in there it is really full now!! I hear people say.."Oh you are attracking them to your house"...NO I'm not....we had them so bad last fall and ALL winter that we really had to be proactive this fall. So far I must say we are doing alot better. Thank you for your product!!

I have the stink bug traps &
Posted by Anonymous
 on 11th Sep 2011

I have the stink bug traps & are working, really filling up. I also bought the stink bug sspray & sprayed around the outside of my windows, doors, siding around my house - it doesn;t stain or smell, working great. only see a few on porch floor & spray directly on bugs. When I find the lights that are to go on the top I will put the traps in my rooms, especially the kitchen. That seems to be the room they really like, probably because its the warmest.


I purchased one trap at my
Posted by Anonymous
 on 8th Sep 2011

I purchased one trap at my local Busy Beaver. They also carried the refills, however did not carry the light that fits on top for indoors.


When my husband came home from work that night he was surprised to see that I had purchased the trap. He mentioned that when he stopped ay Costco for gas, they actually had one ontop of every pump and they were filled!!!!


We hung ours off the gutter as the back of our home is covered in the heat of the day. It has been three days and the one trp is almost completely filled. We will empty it today and I plan to buty several more.Thank you.

very impressive after a slow start
Posted by Oscondoles
 on 2nd Sep 2011

I put two traps in my vegetable garden late in July.  The garden was totally infested; the stink bugs seemed to be systematically destroying my plants from the tip down or from the fruit up.

The first day, I was really disappointed, because there were no bugs in the trap.  By the third day, the bugs were actually going into the trap.  I did not replace the 2 week supply of attractant, but the traps continued to work well, perhaps because stink bugs are attracted to their own scent.

After a little more than a month, the stink bug population has decreased significantly, to the point that I am attacking the bugs I find with soapy water. The weather has also been cooler, so I will wait until next year before deciding whether the traps are sufficient to protect my garden without other intervention.

These traps work great.  They
Posted by kathy
 on 26th Aug 2011

These traps work great.  They did not work when I placed them in the tree but when I stood them on my back deck under the tree they quickly started catching the bugs.  I highly recommend them.

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