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Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

The disposable trap is effective in targeting and trapping all of the major species of yellowjacket found in North America. It’s perfect for picnics and camping trips. The insects simply follow their instincts, enter the trap and drown in the liquid inside.

Like our reusable trap, the RESCUE!® Disposable Yellowjacket Trap features the same powerful attractant as well as a handy disposable bag for additional ease and convenience. Simply add water to activate the powdered attractant - the insects simply won’t be able to resist its lure.

  • Attractant included

  • Catches multiple species

  • Perfect for taking on the go for picnics or camping trips

  • Attractancy lasts for weeks, with no rebaiting necessary

Once inside the trap, yellowjackets drown in the water.

Where and How To Use

RESCUE!® Disposable Yellowjacket Traps are great when you’re on the go. They’re ideal for picnics, outdoor barbecues or campsites. Hang the traps in a bush or tree at least 20 feet away from your outdoor activity area.

Use the RESCUE!® Disposable Yellowjacket Trap in the summer and fall when worker yellowjackets out foraging for food are particularly attracted to the moisture in the trap.

What People Are Saying

Posted by Eve
 on 7th May 2014

The Mother of all Wasp/Yellow Jacket traps!

In one week it was almost full!!

Incredible! I would have bought more but the retailer I use ran out!

Posted by adams family
 on 1st Oct 2013
I love this product! Only had it for up for 3 hours and already have 12 yellowjackets dead in it! It's perfect. I have a one year old, a father in law plus myself who are allergic, and I already got stung once. Within a matter of five minutes it started working. Also a great price. Very happy customer :)
Best wasp trap I ever bought.....
Posted by Jeff Bannister
 on 11th Sep 2013

  Very bad year in most of southern part of B.C. for Yellow jackets and a friend told me about your Wasp bag he bought and how great it worked in a matter of 1/2 hour and when I saw the bag it must of had over 50 wasps in it and it been hanging for about 2 hours!!!!  I went out and got 6 and went to my daughters house and hung two,one to my brother and took the rest back to Kamloops for my busy backdeck and front yard... I'll buy more when I track them down in Kamloops ..  Thank you!!!!

Amazing Product for trapping Yellow Jackets
Posted by De Embree - Lake Creek Ranch
 on 3rd Sep 2013
This is an incredible product... We live at a canyon ranch with a creek and trap thousands of YellowJackets every year plus once the YellowJackets are trapped and start dying, the black bald faced hornets go into the traps to eat the YellowJackets and they get trapped as well...We currently have 18 traps out and they are all maxed out. This is the worst year ever in central Idaho for wasps and hornets and without the traps we would not have been able to go outside.
My brother has used the
Posted by tami boone
 on 22nd Aug 2013

My brother has used the rescue plastic reusable traps for years at the river property and they seemed to work well. Since we have a crazy amount of wasps this year I decided to try one. I bought the disposable kind because customer at the store recommended it. I took it home and set it up. Within minutes there were 20 in the trap. 24 hours later the trap was filled with hundreds of wasps. I am on my way to the store to purchase more. Great product!

Can't Have A Summer Without These
Posted by Megan Smith
 on 14th Aug 2013
We came across these disposable Rescue traps in our local hardware store about 5 years ago. We decided to try it out and support a local (Spokane) product. It is our must-have for BBQ's, camping trips, and around our backyard. We were camping with thousands of yellow jackets a few weeks ago, and found one about 3 years old in our camper and hoped it would still work... it did! It was half full of yellowjacketd within 2 hours! The downside...we can never find them in stock. Everyone else has found out the magic Rescue bag. So, if you see them...stock up!! Megan Smith Spokane Valley, WA
This product is the greatest!
Posted by Jennie Lyons Kooskia, ID
 on 10th Aug 2013

This has been the worst bee season yet! I bought 5 traps to share with my in-laws. They did such a great job I went back the next day and got 10 more. We live near the forest and I was concerned about catching the honey bees. I do not see any honey bees in the trap. The hardware store has a hard time keeping them in supply.  The lure product is the best.   

Great Product!
Posted by V.Kumar
 on 29th Jul 2013

I noticed alot of wasps hovering around the back yard and pestering my small children. I was worried about one of them getting stung so i tried this product. I was quite amazed at how well it works. I caught and killed more than 20 yellow jackets on the first morning. After about 1 week, about 300 dead. The product works so well i bought another to hang on the other side of my backyard. The second trap didn't work at well as the first. Not sure why, i do see alot of wasps hovering in the area. Will have to give it more time to see how many more i can kill. Over all, i would recommend this product to anyone, it's low cost and high efficacy are well worth it.



Maple Ridge, B.C.


Posted by Deborah S
 on 26th Jul 2013

I hung this up and within 5 hours had captured HUNDREDS of yellowjackets!!!!!


I went out and bought 5 more!



Thank you!
Posted by Vernon Costa Jr.
 on 8th Jul 2013
This product is awesome. Love it! The very best at catching these pests.

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