What it Catches

All major yellowjacket species.

How It Works

The RESCUE! Yellowjacket Attractant Cartridge works inside the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap to lure all major species of yellowjackets. The Cartridge lasts ten weeks. Yellowjackets fly to the trap, enter through the bottom holes, fly or crawl up through the cone, and get trapped inside the clear yellow chamber where they dehydrate.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Non-toxic mode of action
  • Lures queens and workers, spring through fall
  • 10-week supply
  • No killing agents – insects die naturally
  • Will not lure beneficial honeybees

What Kills the Insects?

The yellowjackets dehydrate inside the trap.

Where & How to Use

Where it's used

Use the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap outdoors, to draw yellowjackets away from outdoor activity areas such as patios, decks or yards. Place it at least 20 feet away from where you want to enjoy the outdoors.


When it's used

Use the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap in early spring to catch the queens, and throughout summer and fall to capture foraging workers.

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