The Lab

Introducing VisiLure™ technology from RESCUE!®.

For over 30 years, RESCUE!® has used scent attractants – either pheromones or feeding lures – to draw insects to our traps. Our scientists employ an Electroantennagraphic detector (EAD) to measure insects' antennal responses to smells.

Now, our scientists have new technology that allows us to discover what attracts insects visually. Using the Electroretinogram (ERG) machine in our lab, our scientists measure photoreceptor responses in insect retinas to different wavelengths of visual stimuli so they can identify the most attractive colors, patterns and intensities.

The first product on the market to incorporate new RESCUE!® VisiLure™ technology is our Fly Tape. In spring 2014, the next three VisiLure™ products will be on store shelves: TrapStik™ for Flies, TrapStik™ for Biting Flies and TrapStik™ for Wasps.

Watch this video to learn more about VisiLure™ and the Science of Visual Attraction: