Why We’re Different

RESCUE! employs sound science, technological advancement and thorough testing to make pest control products for everyday living. Our Research & Development team includes three Ph.Ds who are experts in the fields of entomology and organic chemistry.



Green Insect Control

Sounds like an oxymoron — a contradiction in terms. Green means safe, healthy, eco-friendly and natural. And chemistry on the other hand is goggles, lab coats, Bunsen burners and toxic substances, right?

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How we get our insect secrets

Our team of chemists and insect experts then begins the process of creating and testing attractant “recipes” that will be effective in luring insects, safe for humans and the environment and reproducible through our manufacturing processes.

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Form and function are the two challenges every product designer begins with. What function must the product fulfill? And how can it be designed and built most simply and effectively?

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