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Green Bottle Flies

Green bottle flies are one of the most common species of blow flies. Since green bottle fly maggots consume dead tissue while leaving live tissue intact, these flies play an important role in forensic science and medicine.

Geographic Region

Green bottle flies are found in most areas of the world, from southern Canada to Argentina -- and especially California.

Natural Habitat

Green bottle flies and other adult blow flies are found near dead carcasses where females deposit eggs. They can be found in moderate to temperate regions throughout the world. Blow flies can be found in tropical regions as well.

Weather Conditions

Green bottle flies prefer warm, moist and tropical climates.


It’s common to see green bottle flies swarming on carcasses or excrement. Adults feed on flower nectar.

Unique Characteristics

Adult green bottle flies are a metallic coppery-green color, just under a centimeter in length, with red eyes.