All hands on deck


"Who's the bottleneck?"

"Anyone have another box knife?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you with a trap..."

It's only happened a few times in our company's history: The need to bring all hands on deck -- including the front office -- to make enough product to meet demand. And it happened again yesterday.

Our team from the front office and lab stepped away from their e-mails, experiments, spreadsheets and sales presentations today to head back to the Production warehouse area to box up yellowjacket traps

Perhaps you've heard that there's a bumper crop of yellowjackets in the Pacific Northwest this summer? 

Our Company President worked alongside the Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers from the Sales, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, Engineering and R&D Departments so we could meet demand for orders -- demand that's been at an all-time high since the middle of July. 

"This hurts," said Production Manager Drew Przybylski. "It breaks my almost 8-year record of not needing help from the front office. But it just means we are having a booming year!" 

The willingness of everyone to drop what they were doing to help is an example of the teamwork on which we pride ourselves at RESCUE!. "People have their main responsibilities," explains President Rod Schneidmiller, "but no one is above doing something else. We will do what it takes to get the product to the customer."

The morning was replete with good-natured ribbing, competition and pushing each other to produce at top efficiency.

And afterward, everyone enjoyed root-beer floats served by Schneidmiller. Because not only was everyone called up to help -- it was also the hottest day of the year, at a toasty 106 degrees.

Yellowjacket traps... Get 'em while they're hot!