Show us the body count!

Ask anyone who's used our insect traps and they'll tell you that it's oddly satisfying to watch the trap fill up with bugs. It's all about the "body count"!

Now, you have a chance to get rewarded for your 'catch'! 

Through October 1, 2018, we're running a contest on social media. We invite you to share a photo of your trap in use -- either by posting on our Facebook page (Facebook.com/rescuepestcontrol), or by tagging us on Instagram (@rescuepestcontrol).

This can be any RESCUE! trap -- the Reusable Yellowjacket TrapDisposable Fly TrapDisposable Yellowjacket TrapJapanese Beetle Trap, even our Spider Trap!

Our Sales Team will select the best image that represents each product. If yours is chosen, you'll receive $100 worth of any RESCUE! product(s) of your choice!

We can't wait to see your photos!


Terms and conditions:

Contest participants must be 18 years old or older to participate. 

Contest participants understand and agree that:

a) they have the legal capacity to enter Sterling International, Inc’s. (Sterling) contest;

b) any media they submit to Sterling, in response to Sterling’s contest offer, becomes the sole property of Sterling, and upon media submission contest participants lose all present and future rights to that same media;

c) they will not use that same media in a manner which disparages Sterling or its products, or engage in media use that is otherwise harmful to Sterling; and

d) their contest participation is voluntary and not based on any Sterling promise or inducement other than the chance of winning and receiving select Sterling product. 

By submitting media, contest participants are agreeing to these terms and conditions.