Which RESCUE! Fly Trap should I use in my yard?

Which RESCUE! Fly Trap do I need for my yard? 

RESCUE! Fly Traps are considered by many to be the best fly traps around, and for good reason. Once activated, the powerful attractant formula used in our outdoor fly traps quickly attracts flies by the thousands. Our line of outdoor fly traps has slowly expanded over the years, and now that there’s a new super-sized option in the lineup, you might be asking yourself, “Which RESCUE! Fly Trap is right for me?” 

We have answers! 

Do all RESCUE! Fly Traps use the same attractant?

We get this question a lot, and we're happy to tell you that all Outdoor RESCUE! Fly Traps use the same attractant formula. The difference lies in the amount of attractant used in each trap. If you put a Fly Trap Max refill in your Outdoor Reusable Fly Trap, there wouldn't be much room left to catch flies! Please remember that any RESCUE! Fly Trap that uses our outdoor attractant formula should only  ever be used outside. It's a smell you do not want in your house—trust us.


There’s no way around it: a trap full of dead flies is not going to be pretty. If you’re more on the squeamish side, a disposable trap is the way to go. Once full, they can go straight into the trash. RESCUE! Disposable Fly Traps come in two different size options:

Disposable Fly TrapOutdoor Fly Trap 

The standard Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap is perfect for small to medium areas and can catch up to 20,000 flies. If your yard is bigger than a tennis court, consider using two, or jump up to the Big Bag. 

Big bag fly trap

Big Bag Fly Trap 

The Big Bag Fly Trap uses a larger amount of the same attractant formula packed into a high-capacity bag. The increased trapping power makes this a better choice for covering large areas.



If you want to cut down on waste or just like the idea of being able to reuse the same trap for several seasons, you’ll want to check out our reusable fly traps. These traps can be emptied, refilled, and reused. But be warned: when they’ve been sitting in the sun for a week and they’re full of dead flies, these traps can get stinky. Those sensitive to offensive odors can try closing their eyes and imagining they’re inside an outhouse at a music festival. 

reusable fly trapOutdoor Reusable Fly Trap 

The classic RESCUE! Fly Trap, offering roughly the same coverage as our standard disposable fly trap. Perfect for small back yards and outdoor areas. 

pop! fly trapPOP! Fly Trap 

Coming in at approximately twice the size of our small reusable fly trap, the POP! Fly Trap packs more attractant punch in a larger container, enabling a bigger catch. If you can fill a standard Outdoor trap in less than a month, POP! Fly Trap will extend the time between refills. 

fly trap maxFly Trap Max 

Fly Trap Max is the newest addition to our outdoor fly trap line. The trapping container is so large, we had to add a handle to make it easier for people to carry around! If you live on acreage, have livestock, horse stables, or other large areas that you need to keep free of flies, Fly Trap Max gives the biggest bang for your buck. Probably not a good choice if you have a small yard, but we won’t tell you how to live your life.


PLEASE NOTE: Flies (and dogs) find the scent of our fly attractant irresistible—you and your family members will not! Make sure to use your fly trap outside, AT LEAST 20 feet from any living areas, and out of your pet’s reach. When we say Outdoor, we mean it!