April means ants are on the march

Are you looking to get rid of ants? You’re not alone.

They’re the number 1 nuisance pest in the U.S. And now that the calendar has flipped, ants are on the march.

April is the biggest month for ant problems inside the home. Populations increase and become more active as the weather warms up. To sustain a colony, worker ants are sent out from the nest in search of food and moisture. Once a few of them discover a good source, more ants will follow.

If the ant queen stays healthy and the workers have ready access to food, an ant colony can thrive and grow for years.

Like an underground yellowjacket nest, an ant colony can be difficult to locate. That’s why an ant BAIT is so effective – it lets the worker ants do the dirty work by setting their last meal before them, and letting them serve it to the rest of the colony.

With our new RESCUE! Ant Baits, we’ve offered two foods the ants crave: sugar and protein. Ants find the bait fast because the protein acts as an attractant.

RESCUE! Ant Baits are mess-free and kid-safeBecause the two foods in the RESCUE! bait station are separated and easily consumed, the workers can get the bait directly to the members of the colony who need it. The other worker ants need sugar, while the larvae and queen need protein.

Having two foods – the RESCUE! dual-bait formula – is important. When a bait is sugar only, you can kill off the workers… but unless you take out the queen, she can produce more larvae and keep the colony going.

There are three easy steps to using RESCUE! Ant Baits:

  1. Open the pouch containing the RESCUE! Ant Bait stations.
  2. Place the bait station in the direct path of the ants.
  3. Leave it in place.

That’s it!

Our ant bait is lab-tested safe for children, and the mess-free gel won’t spill on the carpet or floor.

Find RESCUE! Ant Baits at ACE Hardware, True Value Hardware and Do-it Best Hardware nationwide.

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