FlyPad - A Sticky Fly Trap That Won't Stick to You!

Introducing FlyPad, the latest innovation from the fly control experts at RESCUE!

FlyPad provides odorless fly control in a sleek design that can be used almost anywhere. It’s a sticky fly trap that won’t stick to you!

TouchSafe™ Ridges
FlyPad’s unique corrugated trapping surface features glue-filled grooves to catch flies, while the ridges stay clean to the touch during setup and disposal. This TouchSafe™ Technology allows FlyPad to be used indoors and outdoors in a variety of placements.

FlyPad is perfect for doors, windows, laundry rooms, bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, outdoor cooking areas, and more!

VisiLure® Attractant
When it comes to trapping insects, RESCUE! leaves nothing to chance—that’s why FlyPad employs our exclusive Visilure® Technology to lure flies with colors and patterns. Visilure® technology is featured on other RESCUE! traps, including Wasp TrapStik, Deck & Patio Fly TrapStik, and Indoor Fly TrapStik.

FlyPad is sold in a set of 2 Traps and includes double-sided foam tape strips for adhering the trap to a variety of non-porous surfaces.

Find FlyPad online or at a retailer near you.