A single yellowjacket sting almost killed him.

A single yellowjacket sting almost killed him. 

We became acquainted with Greg and his family in 2001. This giant of a man (he's 6'3") learned the hard way that he was allergic to yellowjackets

Greg and his family are outdoors people – they love to camp, boat and fish at Priest Lake in Northern Idaho and Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington. On a rare August weekend at home, Greg was outside working in the yard when a yellowjacket stung him on the ankle.

Within a minute or so, Greg felt lightheaded and his body started to itch. His wife Ann was outside talking to a neighbor with her back to Greg. The neighbor looked over and said “Greg doesn’t look good.” 

Greg wanted simply to sit down, but he looked bad enough that Ann felt he needed to get to the hospital, so loaded him into the family van. Within a few blocks after leaving the house, Greg passed out. Ann arrived at the emergency room and ran inside to get help. By that time, Greg had no pulse and the emergency physicians had to use a defibrillator to get his heart started.

The entire episode – from the yellowjacket sting to his arrival at the hospital – lasted about 10 minutes.

At the time, Greg had no idea he was allergic to yellowjackets. He is a giant of a man -- and a single yellowjacket sting almost killed him.

That ordeal prompted Greg to start faithfully using RESCUE!® Yellowjacket Traps around his yard. He also made sure his neighbors had traps and he brought them on every camping trip with his family.

Greg told us that with RESCUE!® Yellowjacket Traps, he doesn’t need to live his life in fear. The traps have allowed him and his family to maintain their active lifestyle and outdoor activities. They can camp, boat and eat outside in peace because our traps keep the yellowjackets away -- and they don't have to stay trapped in the house.

We were so inspired by Greg's story back in 2001 that we worked with him and Ann to create two video testimonials -- one from each of their perspectives: 

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