A stink bug smorgasbord!

Brown marmorated stink bugs have been a scourge in the U.S. ever since they arrived from Asia in the late 1990s. As an invasive pest, stink bugs have had no natural insect enemies in this country to keep their populations down. But that may be changing, as some beneficial creepy crawlies are developing an appetite for this stinky pest. For help in the fight against stink bugs, we can look to the arachnid and insect world. (Hat tip: University of Maryland Professor Mike Raupp's "Bug of the Week" blog.)

In this video, a brown marmorated stink bug gets stuck in the web of a black and yellow garden spider, who quickly comes along and wraps him up: 

And then the same spider makes a meal of the stink bug! 

This praying mantis found a stink bug to be a good source of protein. (It even licks its "fingers" after the last bite!)

And then there's the wheel bug -- a species of assassin bugs that preys on other insects, including stink bugs.