Star quality

The newly redesigned TrapStik® for Wasps has only been back on the market for a short time, but the 5-star reviews are already rolling in! Here's one posted on the Amazon.com page for the TrapStik® by "S&E".

Will put out every spring. They work!

"This was recommended to us by a friend - and I was skeptical that it would really work. But we decided to give it a go last spring. We had been in our new home for three summers, and had a major wasp problem. They would build nests all over our deck no matter how often we sprayed and knocked them down. And one of our kids has a horrible, painful reaction to their stings.

"We put them out in the spring, as our friends mentioned that the goal was to get the 'scouts'. We put one on our front porch and two hanging under our deck. We left them up all summer. Was impressed that they only attracted wasps and carpenter bees. Not a single pollinator. The design has changed a bit to include a bird protector, which is a good idea, even though we never had a bird get caught in one.

"Found only two nests all summer. Such an improvement!

"Hopped online to order more for this spring! Won't go a summer without them!"