TrapStik is back!

Just in time for spring wasp season, we're pleased to re-introduce a new and improved version of our popular TrapStik® for Wasps.

The new product features two significant changes: spikes on either end to prevent birds from perching, and bird guards to keep birds from getting caught on the trap’s sticky surface.

To our knowledge, we are the only company that includes this protection for birds on sticky traps.

The redesigned TrapStik® for Wasps will be sold throughout insect season in hardware stores, garden centers and home improvement retailers throughout the United States, as well as online retailers like Amazon.

TrapStik® for Wasps has been an increasingly popular product for more than four years. After we made the decision to stop selling the product and pull it from store shelves, we were inundated with inquiries from customers who rely on the TrapStik® for protection from wasps. We knew a redesign was critical so that these and other TrapStik® fans would continue to have a reliable alternative to pesticides to keep their families and properties safe.

RESCUE!® remains committed to providing customers with environmentally conscious pest control products that are effective and chemical-free.  


New TrapStik for Wasps with bird guardsThe redesign process began immediately after we voluntarily pulled the product from stores. For two and a half weeks, our research and design experts worked around the clock to devise a solution that keeps birds safe.

In that short time, the team developed more than 30 different design variations. More than 300 prototypes -- a minimum of 10 of each design --  were tested before we arrived at the final product. We used simulations of birds and insects first, then moved to testing each design in the real world.

As we worked toward improving the safety of our product for birds, we immersed ourselves in research, using information from the National Audobon Society and other bird behavior studies and tests conducted worldwide. We also brought ornithologists into the process for insight into bird behavior and real-time feedback on each design.

The end result is a redesigned product which achieves both of our goals when used appropriately: It effectively attracts and traps the target insects, and it greatly reduces the chances of anything other than these insects being trapped.

Here's a short video we put together about the redesign process:


The new TrapStik® for Wasps packaging looks different, with the trap and the bird guards contained in one rectangular box. The new packaging calls customers’ attention to the new design in three ways:

  • A prominent “Now with bird guards” call-out.
  • Simple, four-step directions to install the bird guards and correctly hang the trap in the right places to attract the target insects and avoid attracting other wildlife.
  • Images of the re-designed trap with guards installed so customers can see what the final product looks like.



Once we reintroduced the revised TrapStik® for Wasps to our retail partners,the response was overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, in 2018 our largest U.S. retail partners will carry more inventory of TrapStik® than ever before. One major retailer more than tripled their order from last year. You can find the new TrapStik® in Home Depot, Lowe's, ACE Hardware, True Value Hardware and Do-it Best Hardware; select Walmart store locations in the Western U.S.; and many other lawn & garden retailers as before.