GoClip goes to a 4th of July party
The 4th of July, an evening party on the deck... it was the perfect summer night -- except for the nightmarish numbers of mosquitoes in this New England town. 

But not to worry -- these friends were trying out our new GoClip for Mosquitoes. Here's what they had to say:

"Quick and easy! I don't smell like bug spray, which is a plus, and I didn't get bit at all." Nick D. (East Providence, RI)
"I've used so many different bugs sprays and hated all of them. They had weird smells and I always was getting bitten. When I used the mosquito repelling clip I didn't get bit at all! And the smell was great! I am recommending this to everyone !! " Julianna D. (Scituate, RI)
"The clip stayed on great all night and kept all the bugs away. It didn't have the normal bug repellant smell. It was so easy I forgot it was on and didn't worry about getting bit at all."   Dan O. (Pawtucket, RI) 

Thanks for the feedback, guys!
GoClip for Mosquitoes

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