Creating effective insect traps requires knowing what bugs like. RESCUE!® traps are created with the needs of the insect in mind… and yours as well!


Food Attraction

Hungry insects like flies are drawn to feeding scents. Our traps for common household flies, nuisance flies, and filth flies use a dry blend of food-based attractants that, when broken down in water and sunlight, lure flies from 20 feet in all directions.

Scent Attraction

Our scent-based attractants for wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are scientifically formulated to lure only the targeted species… NOT beneficial honeybees. And they last anywhere from two weeks to ten – meaning less maintenance for you.

Pheromone Attraction

Pheromones are an important way for insects to trigger a social response and communicate with members of the same species during mating season – and they add a powerful draw to our traps. The Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap employs a pheromone attractant to lure both male and female beetles that are feeding on ornamental plants in your yard.



Visual Attraction

Our scientists’ brainpower, coupled with the capability to read insects’ visual cues with the Electroretinogram (ERG) machine, helped us create VisiLure® technology – which allows us to lure bugs with visual cues. We know that certain colors and patterns lure flies and wasps, so we created our Fly Tape and TrapStik® line. And we know that while most insects don’t see the color red – fruit flies do, and they’re drawn to the specific shade of red in our Fruit Fly Trap.


Design Attraction

Spiders like dark spaces, so the dark environment created by the copper metallic plastic of our Spider Trap draws them in. And the exclusive glue dot pattern allows them to travel to the interior of the trap instead of congregating on the edges – allowing many more to be caught.


Attractive to You

The insects aren’t the only ones in mind when we design the look of our traps. We care about the entire customer experience – how the products look and last. And sometimes, in the case of our OrnamenTrap®, we give them extra curb appeal to beautify your outdoor space.