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Disposable Fly Trap

The RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap catches common nuisance or filth flies -- hundreds of the most prevalent species including house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others.

Inside the RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap is a bait that flies find irresistible. This attractant is comprised of food and feed ingredients, and other food flavorings generally recognized as safe. The attractant dissolves and activates when water is added to the bag. Lured by the scent, flies enter the trap through the yellow top cap and drown in the water.

  • Powder attractant is contained within the trap itself

  • Attractant dissolves and activates quickly when water is added to the bag

  • Trap's design eliminates touching the bait or the flies

  • Completely disposable

  • Catches up to 20,000 flies (yes, we counted them all!)

Once lured inside the trap, the flies cannot escape and drown in the water added to the bag.

Where and How To Use

The RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap is intended for use outdoors. It will help control the fly population outside before it ever becomes a nuisance inside. We recommend hanging it around 20 feet away from any outdoor living spaces.

Suggested locations for the trap include:
  • Near a dog run or kennel
  • In a barn with good air ventilation
  • Around poultry, hogs, sheep, dairy and beef cattle areas
  • Near garbage bins or dumpsters
  • Near a compost pile
  • Near a campsite

For those areas with heavy fly concentrations, such as farms and ranches, we created the RESCUE!® Big Bag Fly Trap.

The RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap can be used whenever hot, humid conditions or the presence of animals or garbage cause an outdoor fly problem.

What People Are Saying

Great For Dog Run!
Posted by Tiffany Orsburn
 on 4th Jul 2015
I have used this product for the last 3 summers. It's AMAZING! This year I went to buy them at my local hardware store and they were out so I bought a competitor brand. They hung for a week and caught only 1-2 flies and in some traps NONE! I went back and bought the Rescue traps and within MINUTES it was working. Great product. You have made this rottie rescue lady VERY happy.
Posted by Kate
 on 17th Jun 2015

We have a serious fly problem living across the street from a potato farm. We have had the trap up for two days and there must be thousands in there already. If it didn't stink so bad it would be even more amazing. The smell is worth it though!! We will be using these all summer long.

Posted by Becky L
 on 27th May 2015

I love this product!!   I have swarms of flies all summer long and can't enjoy my porch....I tried many ways to curb problem.  Then I found this at Coles...I bought 2 of them and WOW  they are really catching those dirty litttle buggers...I'm sending  my husband down to pick up some more...awesome product that really works!!!!!

Posted by chrissie ward
 on 31st Mar 2015
I have 10 acres and horses. Hang in barns and on fences. Keeps fly population really down!
Hands down the best way to
Posted by The Belgian!
 on 14th Oct 2014

Hands down the best way to get rid of flies I have ever used.  I placed it around the corner from my patio and the bag started filling with flies.  By the time I took the bag down, it was completely full of flies.  I have used the bag again and recommend it to my customers.  I work in a hardware store and have had nothing but postive responses from my customers.

Holy Crap! This really works!
Posted by Chuck
 on 11th Oct 2014

I read the reviews already up here and decided to try it myself. I put one up, and when I saw all the flies that were going in there, I went and bought 4 more. Of course, I only needed one of them because they hold so many. I'll use the rest next year. For more than 2 weeks, I watched flies go in there, buzz around for a while, and die. I can't believe they can't find their way out, but they can't. No flies came in my house anymore after I put that trap up! What a relief! I also tried a competitor's fly strips. The only thing that caught was a moth. I don't want to trap moths. Moths aren't particularly pretty, but they don't bite and they don't make that annoying buzzing noise when they fly. I only want to trap flies & mosquitoes. I also (along with another reviewer) hope you make one for mosquitoes. I also tell everyone I know about these traps. thanx

This trap is absolutely
Posted by Anonymous
 on 15th Aug 2014
This trap is absolutely incredible! It works like a charm. It's pretty gross when you start to see the flies accumulate but it's extremely effective. Two thumbs up!
Some of the best money I ever spent!!
Posted by Anonymous
 on 10th Aug 2014

I don't remember exactly how much I paid for this trap, but now that I've seen it work, it is worth every penny and more.


Not only does this seem to work on flies, I used to have a significant problem with gnats too (I don't know what specific species or anything...the little black ones that constantly fly around your face/eyes/ears). However, now that I hung ONE of your traps, I can now enjoy my yard...thank you, thank you, thank you.



Posted by Buttons
 on 22nd Jul 2014

I just hung up the trap last night and this morning it is so loaded with the dirty little bugs.  Yuck....can't stand flies, any other insect I can deal with , but a fly grosses me out.  Well, they are fighting to get in and it is amazing to watch..... not one fly around my trash bins.  Great Product!!!   Thank You, Thank You.

This thing works awesome.
Posted by Anonymous
 on 20th Jul 2014

This thing works awesome. Catches flies immediately and fills quickly.Far better than chemical sprays.

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