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POP! Fly Trap

The RESCUE!® POP! Fly Trap catches common nuisance or filth flies around the home and in agricultural settings. This trap is formulated to lure hundreds of the most prevalent fly species including house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others.

The RESCUE!® POP! Fly Trap comes with one packet of water-soluble attractant packaged inside a foil pouch. Just empty the contents of the foil pouch into the trap and add water. Lured by the scent, flies enter through the yellow top cap and drown in the water. Refill attractants are sold in single use pouches, allowing the trap to be reused over and over. Once the RESCUE!® POP! Fly Trap has fulfilled its desired use and reuse, the plastic components can and should be recycled.

  • Includes fast-acting attractant

  • Ready to use - just add water

  • No killing agents - insects die naturally

  • Simple and economical to reuse

  • Gives used 2-liter soft drink bottles a new purpose

  • Reusable and recyclable

  • Attractant refills available

Once lured inside, the flies cannot escape and drown in the water inside the trap.

Where and How To Use

The RESCUE!® POP! Fly Trap is intended for use outdoors. It will help control the fly population outside before it ever becomes a nuisance inside.

Suggested locations for the trap include:
  • Near garbage bins or dumpsters
  • Near a dog run or kennel
  • In a barn with good air ventilation
  • Near a compost pile
  • Around poultry, hogs, sheep, dairy and beef cattle

The RESCUE!® POP! Fly Trap can be used whenever hot, humid conditions or the presence of animals or garbage causes an outdoor fly problem.

About the Pop into cash! program

Schools, churches, charities, scout troops and other community organizations in Spokane, Washington have collected bottles for the POP! Fly Trap as a fund-raising project. We make a donation for every bottle they collect and bring to our headquarters.

To learn more, visit Pop into cash!

What People Are Saying

Awesome product!!!!!!!! I had
Posted by superstar
 on 2nd Jul 2016
Awesome product!!!!!!!! I had a really bad fly problem around my patio and front door. It was really bad and you couldn't sit outside because of the flies. Now, since getting this product, within 2 hours it caught at least 40 flies. By the end of the day it had over 100 flies. Awesome product to use.
BEST THING EVER.. I work the
Posted by TONYA
 on 21st Jun 2016

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I work the scale house at a landfill and flies are awful.  I Bought one over the weekend to try and can not believe how great it works. Thanks for such a great product that really works.

Really Works!!
Posted by Dirk Diggler
 on 13th Jun 2016

Our back patio is covered and the shade attracts flies.  I decided to take a chance and buy this product.  I put it up and within 1 hour, there were several dozen flies in the trap!  There are hardly any flies now.  Im thinking of buying a few more and putting them around the fenceline.

Posted by BETTY
 on 10th Aug 2014




Best Trap Ever!
Posted by Me
 on 13th Sep 2013
I have tried man fly catching and deterrents but this product takes the cake! I had many flies outside and inside the house. I hung the trap 8ft in a tree and within hours it caught a dozen flies. Within 24hrs all the flies inside my house had left and there is hardly a fly outside. In that first 24hrs it had killed well over 50 flies. Its so AWESOME! I also like how this product doesn't contain poisons
Man of the house
Posted by Bernie Cubbison
 on 13th Aug 2012

This fly trap is the best trap i have ever used,i purchased the fly bags at Walmart for $4.99,and they were worth every penny if you have a fly problem.And i have tryed everything.

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