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Reusable Yellowjacket Trap

Roughly a dozen species of yellowjackets throughout North America are known to bite and sting people. RESCUE!®'s Reusable Yellowjacket Trap is designed to lure them all.

Our exclusive attractant draws them in through holes in the bottom of the plastic cylinder where they become trapped and eventually die of dehydration. Our scientifically formulated attractant lasts for weeks without daily maintenance. The trap's durable construction holds up in sunlight for many seasons of use and its clear plastic walls allow the user to see the yellowjacket "body count" so they can empty the trap as required.

  • Catches multiple species

  • Attractant lasts for weeks without daily maintenance

  • Attractant refills available, including the RESCUE!® 10-week Attractant Cartridge for even longer lasting performance

  • Won't trap beneficial honeybees

  • Double-chambered design prevents yellowjackets from escaping

  • Durable plastic holds up in sunlight for seasons of use

  • Used and recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture as well as major U.S. zoos, parks, campgrounds, resorts and school districts

  • Clear plastic tube allows the user to see the yellowjacket "body count"

Once inside, the trap's unique design prevents yellowjackets flying away or escaping. The insects eventually die of dehydration.

Where and How To Use

When possible, traps should be hung in a natural setting like trees or bushes or around the perimeter of an area where the insects have been observed entering. Hang the traps at least 20 feet away from outdoor activity areas like your patio, deck, campsite or picnic area - and at least 20 feet away from any known yellowjacket nests.

Use the RESCUE!® Yellowjacket Trap in the spring when queen yellowjackets emerge from hibernation and in the summer and fall when worker yellowjackets are foraging for food.

What People Are Saying

Park Manager
Posted by Mark Miller
 on 13th Aug 2014

I have been running a large, busy campground in central Wisconsin for several years and yellow jackets are a huge problem every year in late summer. Each year I get several complaints of stings to children and those with allergies. This year I purchased 17 of these traps and I have captured thousands of yellow jackets greatly reducing the population and therefore the problem. This trap works great and I have not caught a single honey bee or other benifical insect. I tried a few other similar products to determine which works best and the RESCUE yellow jacket trap worked 100 times better than anything else. GREAT PRODUCT!

They can't resist it.
Posted by Anonymous
 on 20th May 2014

I've been using the RESCUE yellow jacket traps for a few years now and have always had great success with the number of workers caught. The workers flock to it no matter where I place it.

I finally put the traps out early this year to catch the queens emerging from hibernation and have caught over a dozen so far. I recommend putting the trap on a tree branch as the queens seem to avoid the second trap I put out on a fence post which has no cover.

home. owner
Posted by johnny
 on 26th Apr 2014

I bought one of your Yellowjacket Traps today, 4/26/2014. I have a lot of trouble with yellowjackets and in the past years I have been injured by their sting. I put it up in a small tree where my wife sat to enjoy the spring evening and within an hour I caught two queen yellowjackets. Thank you very much for your product.

Trap started working in MINUTES!
Posted by Rick
 on 29th Sep 2013

Due to a dry winter in NorCal, we have more yellowjackets than usual. This was making it hard for us to use our deck! I found the nest some ten feet from the deck. I placed the trap in a nearby tree, and put the attractant in the trap. Within minutes, the yellowjackets were swarming around the trap. A few more minutes passed and several insects made their way inside. By the time the sun went down, there were at least thirty yellowjackets in the trap. 


Tip: Make sure you put the attractant on the cotton ball well away from the yellowjacket nest. I did this inside and then placed the cotton ball in the bottom part of the trap. I then ran outside and affixed the bottom part of the trap to the rest of the unit. 

Fast and Effective
Posted by Travis
 on 10th Sep 2012

I just moved to a new house and the previous owner has had problems with yellow jackets for years. I put two of these traps up and they've been amazing. The first trap caught about 25 with just the chemical attractant in 2 days. I decided to buy a second trap and added a very small amount of Karo dark syrup and it caught over 75 in the next 4 days. I quit counting after that. Suffice to say that this product works well and the yellow jackets are caught and killed very quickly.


Travis Light

Billings, Montana

It works! Enough said!
Posted by Christian C.
 on 16th Jun 2011

Spring came late to the Seattle, WA this year and so did the queen bees.  I had noticed an agressive queen looking for a nesting location (my patio) several times over the period of a few days.  Concerned that she would nest before I could find her with a can of Raid, I purchased this product and followed the instructions.  Within two days I had caught a queen.  This product works...period! 

Thanks for the effective product.
Posted by Mark H.
 on 27th May 2011

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the RESCUE!® Yellowjacket Trap for about 3 weeks and have caught more than 30 queen yellowjackets so far. It seems like a good thing for me since I am allergic to them and have to keep an Epipen around. Thanks for the effective product.

Mark H.
Asheville, NC

No more yellow jacket problems in Colorado
Posted by Mike and Christine Koenig
 on 27th May 2011

This is the second season I’m using the RESCUE!® Yellowjacket Trap. I purchased one late last season because we had a yellowjacket invasion around our apple tree. The previous owners of our house did not do anything to combat the problem. We caught no less than 150 of those things just in late summer and fall until all the apples were gone.

I put it back out this season in hopes of catching the queens. Ok, my expectations were exceeded! There are five queens in there! I don’t think we’ll have any yellowjacket problems this year! Thank you for making such a great product!

Mike and Christine Koenig
Westminster, CO

You have won a new loyal customer
Posted by Laura C.
 on 27th May 2011

I just wanted to tell you how great your product is! I moved to Ohio (farmland) from NYC 2 years ago and have been amazed at the amount of bugs in the country! This summer, I had a nest of yellowjackets in my eaves and had to have a pest control company come to treat it. I saw all the ads for a different yellowjacket trap and thought I’d buy a few for the yard. Well, they didn’t last half as long as they were supposed to, and didn’t catch very many yellowjackets. In fact, saw them fly in, and then fly right out again! I decided to try the RESCUE!® Reusable Yellowjacket Traps. I put them out at about 12 this afternoon and already have trapped more than the other one trapped in 2 weeks! What a great product! And the fact that it’s reusable and doesn’t have to be thrown out is a God-send. Thank you so much for this product! You have won a new loyal customer, for years to come!

Laura C.
New Waterford, OH

Posted by Samuel Bell
 on 8th Jul 2010

I have been using both the RESCUE! Yellowjacket and W·H·Y Traps for a little over two years in Western PA.  My garden is full of and surrounded by choice nesting spots.  These traps (6 of them now set around the perimeter of the tilled area) have been a total success story.  They DO get the queens early and later on literally hundreds of plain old nasty workers.  Thanks for developing this product line.  It's super.

Samuel Bell

Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania

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