Save the Bees. Use our Traps!

Today is National Honeybee Day, and it actually comes at a dangerous time for bees. With their nests reaching peak size, yellowjackets are quite aggressive during this season and can easily destroy honeybee hives that are unprotected. 

Despite their similar appearance, yellowjackets and bees are not the same insect. In fact, yellowjackets  can cause big problems for honeybees. They buzz around the entrance of a honeybee hive and try to “gang up” on the worker bees who are guarding their home.

If the colony is weak, the yellowjackets win. They’ll eat up the honey and pollen and also eat the honeybee workers themselves. As if that’s not bad enough, the yellowjackets will also devour the unborn honeybee brood.

Any decline in the honeybee population, whether it’s due to yellowjackets or other phenomena, is a serious problem, since honeybees play a valuable role in the pollination of crops. 

Targeting the 'bad bugs' and protecting beneficial insects is the mission by which our company was founded back in 1982. At that time, haphazard spraying of harmful chemicals and pesticides often wiped out beneficial insects. 

To keep their honeybee colonies protected, many beekeepers will use RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps.  RESCUE! is the preferred brand because we use an attractant that is scientifically developed to lure only the targeted yellowjacket species. Other wasp traps that use food or juice as an attractant will potentially lure beneficial honeybees.

When set up at least 20 feet away from honeybee boxes, RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps will help keep the honeybee colony thriving and able to pollinate important crops!

Where to buy bee-friendly RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps.