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W·H·Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets

The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap catches 5 species of Paper Wasps; Bald-faced Hornets and European Hornets; and 12 species of Yellowjackets.

The W·H·Y® Trap has a top chamber and a bottom chamber. The top chamber is baited with two attractants -- one of which is a solid contained in a vial, and the other a liquid mixed with water. The bottom chamber is baited with a liquid attractant poured onto a cotton pad. Wasps, hornets and yellowjackets have two ways to enter: either through the top cap, or through the holes in the bottom cap.

For a PDF copy of the instructions booklet, click here.

  • Double-chambered design restricts insects from escaping

  • Durable construction holds up for multiple seasons

  • Attractant will not lure beneficial honeybees

  • Catches workers from summer through fall

  • Catches queens in spring before they build nests

  • First and only trap to capture Paper Wasps, Bald-faced Hornets and European Hornets

  • Two-week attractant kit included

  • Attractant refills available

  • No extra food bait required

Once inside the trap, the insects cannot fly out and die either by drowning (top chamber) or dehydration (bottom chamber).

Where and How To Use

For a PDF copy of the instructions booklet, click here.

The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap can be used outdoors wherever there is a paper wasp, hornet or yellowjacket problem. We recommend the trap be placed at least 20 feet away from an outdoor activity area, such as a patio or deck. Generally speaking, the W·H·Y® Trap will capture more paper wasps near a house structure, and more hornets and yellowjackets near a natural setting of bushes and trees. It can be highly effective to place multiple traps around the perimeter of a yard or area where insects are entering. The trap should also be placed at least 20 feet away from a known yellowjacket nest.

The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap can be used in early spring when the queen paper wasps, hornets and yellowjackets emerge from overwintering to look for new nest sites. It can also be used throughout the summer and fall to capture foraging wasp, hornet and yellowjacket workers.

What People Are Saying

So far so GOOD!!!!
Posted by Ginette
 on 3rd Jun 2014

Just hung it yesterday as my son and I were getting dive bombed by the lil buggars! The bottom container is swarming with wasps and hornets but nothing in the top as of yet. Going to go and purchase a couple more of these traps! Thanks!!!

Love it!
Posted by Vanessa
 on 30th May 2014

Bought the yellow jacket trap at the beginning of summer and didn't see anything for 2 weeks. Replaced the attractant and saw instant results the next day.  With a toddler that loves to play in our backyard, this was a must!!! Now that I know it works, I'm purchasing the wasp trap.  Love this product!


It actually works!
Posted by Anonymous
 on 13th Sep 2013

I have soooo many wasps and insects in my yard and have bought and even tried some of the homemade traps from Pinterest.  Nothing has ever been as effective as the Rescue.  I cannot believe how many wasps and even flies it gets rid of.  I just emptied it again because it had so many bugs in it.  I tell all of my neighbors about it.  It is a terrific product.  Finally one that works.

Posted by Karen Kehler
 on 31st Aug 2013
I love this trap we hung it up this s morning and it has so many in it I'm shocked. Awesome
W.H.Y Works very well
Posted by Eliot Ross
 on 25th Aug 2013

I accidently spilled some of the stuff for the disk on the ground and within 30 seconds there were 4 or 5 wasps swarming there. In the first 2 weeks of putting up the wasp catcher we caught at least 50 wasps. I just refilled it last night and I'll be willing to bet there are a bunch more in there.

Great wasp trap
Posted by Ross
 on 19th Aug 2013

The reusable wasp trap is very effective.

I have bought them for my family and friends.


I have one in my backyard. My neighbour likes to set up his chair with a cold drink and watch the action.

He tells me what the biggest count of live wasps were in the trap in his sitting, and he can sit there watching for hours.

I think that entertainment he gets with the trap that he is going to cancel his cable for TV in the summer.


Perhaps I should purchase him one as well.



Calgary,Alberta, Canada

This works very well...I
Posted by Sareyna
 on 17th Aug 2013

This works very well...I could not find the nest. They were swarming across my grass. My kids love to play in the yard. So I had to do something.(yellow jackets) I have woods on three sides so it is possible it wasn't even in my yard. But it caught about 26 in the first two weeks. YES, I counted them!! And way too many to count in the next two weeks. Bought the last refil Walmart had tonight...

This is the best trap I have
Posted by Mary
 on 2nd Aug 2013
This is the best trap I have had. It works very well
Posted by Nate Mazur
 on 10th Oct 2011

This trap is AWESOME! I can't believe how many wasps it catches. They are lining up to get in and this thing is already full. No more stalking my yard with cans of spray, this trap is catching them ALL. Thank You!

Boy do they work!
Posted by Tom Lorbeer
 on 27th May 2011

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product! I've been waiting for something like this for over several years. I purchased four of these due to our wasp problem and boy do they work! They fill up with paper wasps. …Well thanks again!

Tom Lorbeer
Marysville, WA

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