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W·H·Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets

The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap catches 5 species of Paper Wasps; Bald-faced Hornets and European Hornets; and 12 species of Yellowjackets.

The W·H·Y® Trap has a top chamber and a bottom chamber. The top chamber is baited with two attractants -- one of which is a solid contained in a vial, and the other a liquid mixed with water. The bottom chamber is baited with a liquid attractant poured onto a cotton pad. Wasps, hornets and yellowjackets have two ways to enter: either through the top cap, or through the holes in the bottom cap.

For a PDF copy of the instructions booklet, click here.

  • Double-chambered design restricts insects from escaping

  • Durable construction holds up for multiple seasons

  • Attractant will not lure beneficial honeybees

  • Catches workers from summer through fall

  • Catches queens in spring before they build nests

  • First and only trap to capture Paper Wasps, Bald-faced Hornets and European Hornets

  • Two-week attractant kit included

  • Attractant refills available

  • No extra food bait required

Once inside the trap, the insects cannot fly out and die either by drowning (top chamber) or dehydration (bottom chamber).

Where and How To Use

For a PDF copy of the instructions booklet, click here.

The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap can be used outdoors wherever there is a paper wasp, hornet or yellowjacket problem. We recommend the trap be placed at least 20 feet away from an outdoor activity area, such as a patio or deck. Generally speaking, the W·H·Y® Trap will capture more paper wasps near a house structure, and more hornets and yellowjackets near a natural setting of bushes and trees. It can be highly effective to place multiple traps around the perimeter of a yard or area where insects are entering. The trap should also be placed at least 20 feet away from a known yellowjacket nest.

The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap can be used in early spring when the queen paper wasps, hornets and yellowjackets emerge from overwintering to look for new nest sites. It can also be used throughout the summer and fall to capture foraging wasp, hornet and yellowjacket workers.

What People Are Saying

Posted by SAnonymous
 on 18th Nov 2016

The Why Trap is awesome.  I now have about 25+ yellow jackets in my trap.   I am on my way to buy  refill attractants.  I have had this trap about 3 or 4 weeks.  I was empting the bottom every day for awhile, there are usually about 9 yellow jackets a day.  Right now, there is about 15 in the bottom and about that many in the top. 

I can see large wasps flying around,  I'll see how it works for that species.  They are very large.

Works disgustingly well
Posted by Kalie
 on 23rd Sep 2016
I put up the trap about a month ago, as wasps were coming in through the air conditioning unit by the outside balcony/deck area. The bottom half of the top chamber is full of dead wasps and more keep going in every day. I will probably change it out soon. I am very satisfied with this product.
WHY Hornet/Yellow Jacket Catcher
Posted by Kathy
 on 13th Sep 2016

I am extremely allergic to stings so I have 5 of these catchers spread out on just over an acre of property. I clean them and replace them with attractant refills every two weeks. It's an insignificant price to pay to enjoy being outside my house vs the cost of a hospital visit! I always have a supply of refill packets on-hand. There are times that a catcher isn't collecting very much, so I move it to a different location in the yard and am always impressed. I clean the catchers out at the end of October and store them with an unopened attractant refill packet in the container so that when March rolls around and temps are rising, I'm all set to fill and put them all out again to catch any queens emerging. Thank you for this product.

Stung twice in less than 10 seconds
Posted by Rudy
 on 21st Jul 2016

I got stung in the back of earlobe Saturday afternoon. I used wasp and hornet spray the next day thinking that did the trick. Yesterday morning, I came home from an outing to change so I can go to work only to get stung on the top of my head and left shoulder. I figured by then it wasn't wasps or hornets. Yellowjackets were my next suspects. I stopped by Wal-Mart after midnight on my way home from work. I came home and assembled the WHY Trap and set it outside. I woke up this morning and I saw one of those little slimeballs trapped inside. The job was well done. The next 2-3 days will determine if I give it a 5-star rating. Overall it was a good investment.

Exceeds Expectations
Posted by MStover
 on 8th Mar 2016
We had a huge problem with wasps and yellow jackets in the center of the backyard around the maple tree. They were building nests around the fence and roofing and were attacking the dogs. We put one of the WHY traps, suspended from the maple, and the base of the trap was an inch thick with captures within 20 minutes. A single trap kept the problem under control for the rest of the season for the whole 2000 sqft yard.
Like all the other reviews,
Posted by Douglas
 on 8th Nov 2015

Like all the other reviews, I'll also say that this trap is fantastic!  We were having a major yellow jacket problem and I paid $100 to an "exterminator" to try to get rid of them.....unsuccessful.  Went to Lowe's to find a fogger or something and came across this and decided to give it a try.  Those babies were flying around the trap and into it in no time!  Caught at least 50 of them.  Hopefully they're done for the season, but I'll be hanging this trap up again next year.

It really works!
Posted by Anonymousbeverly
 on 15th Sep 2015
I had a problem with wasps and yellow jackets bothering my hummingbird feeder. I was looking at this trap at a store and another customer told me your product worked well- I bought one and hung it next to my feeder and within a week I couldn't believe the number of wasps I caught in it- 100's to be sure! Thank you for making this product- it's AMAZING!
Awesome wasp catcher!
Posted by Anonymous
 on 16th Aug 2015
I couldn't believe how great and fast this catcher works. We put it out on our deck in our campsite and within an hour we probably had 40 wasps. By the end of the weekend we had caught well over 100. They love it but I like it more! My only problem is Is what do I refill it with when this attractant is done in two weeks (as the instructions say that is how long it lasts)? Any ideas?
Amazing trap that works!!
Posted by Debbie
 on 4th Aug 2015

We have never had too many problems with yellow jackets but this year they were building in between my closet walls. We found where they were getting in and took care of that. They started to make a nest under the eve of our house but we took care of that too. Finally, we decided that we needed to do something else when one landed on my 18 month old graddaughter's plate where we eating on the patio.  I did some reading online and foud this Rescue had great reviews. 

Bought one and put it before we could get out of the house there were already a couple in it.  Before long, many more were in it.  Next day lots more.

 I love it it is amazing!!!!! It is beyound a 5 star rating. I rate it 100 at least.  Will be buying more. 

Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Lundmark
 on 25th Mar 2015

I've never found anything that is able to trap the Bald Faced Hornets and Wasps until now and this trap is awesome!  We have such a problem with the Bald Faced Hornets and I can't believe how they fight to get into the trap! We can finally enjoy our beautiful yard!


Thank you!

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