How it Works

Our insect control is superior because we know how insects respond and communicate to their surroundings, and it’s “green” because we don’t need to carpet-bomb an area with chemicals in hopes of killing a few bugs.

As human beings, we observe the world through our senses and express ourselves through language. Insects use their senses too — including their super-sensitive antennae to interpret and respond to chemical signals in their environments. Insects communicate and respond to stimuli chemically, by excreting and interpreting what scientists call semiochemicals.

Semiochemicals called pheromones are used by insects to alert one another to danger, to lead others to food, or to initiate sex. Understanding how to mimic these chemical messages to lure unwanted pests to their demise is the basis of RESCUE!® insect trap technology.




How we get our insect secrets

Our team of chemists and insect experts then begins the process of creating and testing attractant “recipes” that will be effective in luring insects, safe for humans and the environment and reproducible through our manufacturing processes.

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Form and function are the two challenges every product designer begins with. What function must the product fulfill? And how can it be designed and built most simply and effectively?

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