Stop carpenter bees!

Your home is calling for help! Rescue it from carpenter bee damage with TrapStik®.

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Yellowjacket Alert

Yellowjacket queens are out looking for nest sites. Use our traps now to catch the queens!

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How to use the RESCUE!® Mosquito Repellent DecoShield® Lantern

Our "flameless candle" device is pleasing to guests, but repulsive to pests -- namely, mosquitoes and biting flies!

As part of our employee "How-to" video series, Mi, our Insect Research Lab Technician, demonstrates how to use the Mosquito Repellent DecoShield® Lantern.

Mi "supervises" the insects we use for testing in the lab... getting up close and personal with moths, ants and houseflies. She has such frequent contact with them that she sometimes gives them names!