Don't be fooled by Stink Bugs!

Still hoping the "polar vortex" killed all the stink bugs? Then the April Fool's joke may be on you.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs are hardy enough to withstand sub-zero temperatures because they have the equivalent of anti-freeze in their bodies. What's more, most stink bugs hibernate indoors so they're protected from the winter weather. 

Right now, stink bugs are waking up from their slumber and starting to head outdoors, where they will soon mate and multiply. Two adult stink bugs can become hundreds in a matter of weeks. 

Stop stink bugs now: Early action is critical to keep their populations from growing. Use the RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap outdoors with the patented pheromone attractants to lure and trap the stink bugs in your yard. Consistent use of the trap throughout the spring and summer will cut down the population and reduce the numbers that want to come back indoors to hibernate in September and October. 

The best place to hang your Stink Bug Trap in spring is a deciduous tree where emerging bugs will head to mate -- usually one that has sprouted new spring leaves. If such a tree is not available, hang the trap from a fence, stake or post.

For every female stink bug trapped during mating season, a potential 400 stink bugs are eliminated.