The importance of outdoor stink bug trapping in spring

A customer in Virginia wanted to be proactive this year about his stink bug problem. He has a good amount of property and a large vegetable garden that has been plagued with stink bugs over the past few years. He started using the RESCUE® Stink Bug Trap in mid-March. Things were slow for the first several weeks, but then the trap catch picked up as the stink bugs started to emerge and go outdoors. By late April, he had caught over 400 stink bugs -- including over 200 in the trap that was in his maple tree!

Insect populations grow exponentially. A single female stink bug can lay up to 400 eggs in one season. So the mind-boggling thing is that if these adult stink bugs had been left alone to mate, our friend could be looking at thousands of baby stink bugs being hatched in his yard very soon. His garden would be overrun in short order, and by fall there could be tens of thousands of stink bugs trying to get inside his house.

What's your approach to stink bug control: Trap them preemptively, or hope they go away... and panic when they appear en masse on the side of your house in September?