Stink Bugs: What to do now, what to do later

Stink bugs are back.

Actually, they never went away -- they just went unnoticed over the summer. 

Now that fall is here and the days are getting shorter and cooler, stink bugs are once again trying to make their way inside homes to hibernate. Because of an early spring and a long, hot summer, experts are saying there were likely two generations that hatched and got established when the weather was nice -- and that this year's invasion could be the worst ever

Whatever the case, residents of the mid-Atlantic states are panicking over the sight of stink bugs swarming the outside of their houses and making their way inside.

What to do?

Right now: Use the RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap outdoors with the pheromone attractants. Hang the trap from a tree branch, post or hook 15-20 feet from the house, at eye level, so that it's in the clear and not obscured with leaves or branches.

The RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap WILL intercept those stink bugs which are making their way towards the house during the next 4-6 weeks. It will not catch the bugs that are on the house already. The stink bugs on the house have already switched over into hibernation mode. They will not respond to the pheromones or the light; they want only to get indoors and sleep. 

On January 1: As you're taking down your Christmas tree and putting boxes of ornaments and decorations back in storage, set up a RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap in your attic with the Stink Bug Light attachment. Our Stink Bug Light uses a special LED wavelength that attracts overwintering bugs. The light attachment plugs into a wall outlet, but if none is available you can use two AA batteries. Keep the trap & light active from January 1 through the first of April to catch stink bugs when they first wake up from hibernation in winter or early spring.

On April 1: Hang the RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap outdoors in a tree, using fresh pheromone attractants. Don't be April fooled into thinking it's too early to catch them outside! You won't see large numbers outdoors at this time, but every stink bug you catch early on will cut down on the numbers that mate and multiply in the spring and summer. Each female stink bug can lay up to 400 stink bug eggs in her lifetime, so every bug you catch is significant!

Start catching stink bugs with your outdoor trap April 1st, or play the fool next fall!