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Model #: RTS and JBTR

How It Works

The RESCUE!® ROD is a convenient, easy-to-use stand for hanging RESCUE!® outdoor insect traps. The RESCUE!® ROD works with RESCUE!®’s Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap and the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap, allowing users to hang the traps at the correct height – around four feet off the ground. Our RESCUE!® ROD also works with the RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap, Yellowjacket Traps and Fly Traps. Simply drive the ROD into the ground until it’s stable, then thread a twist-tie through the ROD’s hanger to secure the trap.

Where & How to Use

Where it's used

Use the RESCUE® ROD outdoors, in the garden, yard or other areas where pests are a problem.


When it's used

The RESCUE® ROD is a great alternative when there’s no appropriate plant, branch or structure available to hang your RESCUE!® traps at the proper height.


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