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January 5, 2023 | Outdoor Pests • Seasonal Bug Bulletin

How bugs survive winter

We often get asked what insects do in winter. Does a harsh winter and heavy snowfall result in fewer bugs? The answer, typically, is no. Insects have several ways to deal with cold weather.

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January 4, 2023 | Outdoor Pests • Helpful Hints

Spring is coming, and so are Yellowjackets!

Spring is coming, so are Yellowjackets! Yellowjacket queens come out of hibernation when weather begins to warm up. Trap them in the spring and prevent nests in the summer.

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February 17, 2022 | Outdoor Pests • Product Points • Seasonal Bug Bulletin

Your home is calling for help!

These aren't just unsightly holes. It's your home calling for help! Learn why carpenter bees are so destructive, and what you can do about them.

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January 28, 2022 | Company Culture

Time Flies

40 years in business, 40 years as a proud U.S. manufacturer, 40 years of smarter pest control!

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June 2, 2021 | Indoor Pests • Helpful Hints

What Are Those Tiny Little Flies in Your House?

Need help identifying what household fly you have? Check out our guide to determine what trap you need!

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June 1, 2021 | Outdoor Pests • Helpful Hints

How to Install TrapStik Glue Guards

Need help assembling TrapStik glue guards? With two different versions of glue guards on store shelves right now, it can be confusing. Instructions for both glue guard versions are included here.

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April 2, 2021 | Indoor Pests • Seasonal Bug Bulletin

April means ants are on the march

Are you looking to get rid of ants? You're not alone. They're the number 1 nuisance pest in the U.S. And now that the calendar has flipped to April, ants are on the march.

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February 26, 2021 | Seasonal Bug Bulletin

Spring, the most important bug season

Just as spring signifies new beginnings for us, it means rejuvenation in the insect world as well. A key part of the life cycle for most insects happens in spring, and this season can set the stage for their activity the rest of the year.

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October 30, 2020 | Indoor Pests • Helpful Hints • Product Points • Seasonal Bug Bulletin

How to Use RESCUE! Ant Baits

Ants are experiencing their fall surge, and you might see ants in your home right now. RESCUE! Ant Baits lure ants to the bait station, but the work doesn't stop there! Ants carry the bait back to the nest, poisoning the entire colony.

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